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Far Cry 6: Amigos Animal Guide – Recruit, Abilities, Perks

K-9000, The Bionic Dog

K-9000 from Far Cry 6

A bionic mutt, K-9000 is a deadly futuristic superdog. K-9000 is designed to be an all-rounded partner, with applications in both stealth and combat. Its main ability ‘Iron Skin’ makes it immune to fire and poison while reducing bullet damage.

K-9000’s secondary ability is to tag nearby enemies and more without having to watch them through the phone camera, which can often be very helpful if you’re prone to missing things or getting caught out. If you want K-9000 upgraded as much as possible, here’s the challenges involved.

How To Unlock K-9000

The only way to obtain a K-9000 is to buy the Far Cry 6 Season Pass. This will grant you the Blood Dragon Set, which includes a variety of cyberpunk and futuristic-themed gear, including K-9000 himself.

Assuming you have this, you’ll need to progress through the campaign up to, and including the quest “The Guerilla”, where you leave the starting island of Isla Santuario. Once done with that, you’ll unlock all the DLC or pre-order content, including K-9000 and all the Bionic enhancements.

K-9000’s Abilites

Here are K-9000’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
EnhanceK-9000 can tag Turrets, Security Cameras, Tripwires, and AlarmsHave K-9000 take 100 damage from enemies
Enhance!!!Attacks against enemies tagged by K-9000 do more damageHave K-9000 tag 24 security systems
Termination ProtocolK-9000 will self-destruct when he takes fatal damageHave K-9000 destroy 50 tagged enemies

Chagmpane, The White Panther

What’s more ballin’ than a white panther as a companion? Well, others will agree and Champagne’s classy ability ‘Status Symbol’ will let you collect more money from dead enemies. Much more than just a gold churning machine, this panther has a set of lethal teeth and claws that will get you where you need to go. Straight to the top. Option to make her a GTA mod?

How To Unlock Champagne

Like K-9000, you can’t unlock Champagne by completing quests. The only way to get Champagne is to own the VICE Pack DLC, which is available if you purchase Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition. The Vice Pack comes with a set of extras that include special outfits, weapons, vehicles, and this white panther companion.

Chagmpane’s Abilites

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
Greed is GoodChampagne will succeed more often at enemy takedowns when you have more money in the bankHave Champagne kill 12 enemies
Predatory InstinctChampagne will loot enemies after killing them with a silent takedownHave Champagne kill 24 enemies using a takedown
Sonic SnarlWhen Champagne takes damage, she might unleash a mighty roar to knock down nearby enemiesHave Champagne loot 1,000 Yaran Pesos from dead enemies

Customise Amigos

Customizing amigos in Far Cry 6 is an easy process. When you’ve loaded into the game, go to your menu and look at the tabs available to you. Tab over to “amigos” to view all the animal sidekicks you’ve unlocked so far. Use the in-game cursor to hover over their selection and press the button for “details.” You’ll see a summary of your amigo’s main ability as well as a list of abilities you can unlock. What you might not notice is an eye icon on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Move your cursor over to this icon and select it. Now you’ll see a variety of costume options for your amigo. Pick whichever one you’d like; costumes don’t affect stats, so a flashy look won’t alert guards more easily, and a subtle look won’t make them harder to spot.

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