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Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin – Farming Rice Guide

Quick Rice Growing Summary

Since Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin can be a bit overwhelming here’s a condensed table of what to do divided by the outcome. This table has been condensed from the notes made by Swirnny, whose extremely comprehensive video can be found here. These are his suggestions with the blank portions not affecting your rice too much.


Balanced Quality & YieldBefore TillingThoroughlyThinlyA Little Far Apart
Yield – HPLightlyThicklyBalanced Space
Heartiness – Strength, Vitality & GustoThoroughlyThinlyA Little Far Apart
Aroma – MagicThoroughlyThinlyA Little Far Apart
Aesthetic – LuckDay After TillingThoroughlyThinlyA Little Far Apart


FocusFertilizer – OffshootWater LvlOffshootFertilizer – GrowthWater LvlSprout
Balanced Quality & YieldShallow (20%)Shallowish (30%)
Yield – HPKernelLeafDeep
Heartiness – Strength, Vitality & GustoKernelA Little LeafShallow
Aroma – MagicDeepDeep
Aesthetic – LuckShallowShallow


Balanced Quality & YieldEarly Afternoon In Dry WeatherNight / MorningWhite
Yield – HPDry Field Before Harvest
Heartiness – Strength, Vitality & GustoDry, Sunny dayNight / Morning
Aroma – MagicEarly Season HarvestNight / MorningBrown
Aesthetic – LuckEarly Season Harvest

Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a charming game with some surprisingly deep mechanics. Growing rice can be a little slow and tedious at times with a bit of a learning curve but it really sucks you in once you get the hang of it. Not to mention the reward at the end of the harvest is deeply satisfying. It really makes you appreciate farming in a way that Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons really don’t. A lot of these farming games may be content in telling you that growing grains is as simple as planting a seed, dropping water on it for a few days, and then pressing a button to reap your rewards. Not Sakuna, though. That coupled with a very solid side-scrolling character action is a very interesting genre-fusion.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is one of our Top 10 Games in November (full list here). And is out now on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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