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Undead and Underpaid: Brocula’s Unexpected Commentary on Vampires and Capitalism

Ever since Anne Rice, Dracula and of course Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, there’s been a subset of society that has been obsessed with vampires. Undead living beings that walk amongst us, embodying endless youth, beauty and most importantly untouched by worldly issues. But what if a vampire woke up after centuries-long slumber to find himself broke? How would afford the upkeep of his opulent castle and keep himself in velvet capes? Brocula is an upcoming life sim game about a vampire going through the mundane struggles of life, trying to make ends meet.


Introducing Brocula

Brocula is a centuries-old vampire lord who awakens from a 500-year slumber to find his opulent castle crumbling and his wealth has vanished. Thrust into the modern world, this undead aristocrat must navigate the daunting maze of capitalism facing off against terrifying foes such as minimum wage and pointless paperwork.

Instead of the once noble vampire gliding through moonlit streets, Brocula has to sling lattes at a cafe, dodge grease splatters at a diner, and fix rusty pipes at a car garage. Each shift is a comedic exploration of mundane human struggles seen through the bewildered eyes of an immortal.


A Modern Day Vampire Life Sim


Spend your days running odd jobs, managing your energy (even vampires need sleep!), and upgrading your skills to become a more efficient (and perhaps, charismatic) employee. Don’t expect sprawling dungeons or boss battles; Brocula‘s challenges lie in navigating societal quirks, mastering the art of small talk, and maybe even winning the barista award (the stakes are high!).

At the same time, you’ll be able to tend to your castle grounds. Grow a flourishing farm on the field next to the castle and in turn, sell your crops to make even more profit. Everyone respects a good side hustle, even vampires! You’ll also be able to go fishing and use it to supplement your daily meals.


Reclaim Your Castle And Look After Your Cult

But Brocula isn’t just about mopping floors and brewing macchiatos. There’s a castle to reclaim, its ruins whispering forgotten lore and secrets. As you navigate the town, making friends and influencing locals, you’ll uncover the mysteries of your lineage and the forces responsible for your financial ruin. You’ll need to work tirelessly to repair the dilapidated fortress, all while facing the bureaucratic hurdles of reclaiming its ownership from the town’s mayor.

As a vampire, you also predictably have a cult that has also become your responsibility. Manage your cult, restoring the once-forgotten church and conducting regular sermons to gather the lifeblood you crave. Venture into the treacherous depths of the everchanging forest, an enigmatic dungeon teeming with monstrous creatures and valuable treasures, ripe for the taking.


Brocula Launches 1st February 2024

Humour is the heart of Brocula. Quirky dialogue, witty observations, and slapstick situations abound. Every interaction, from haggling with a grumpy landlord to charming a shy librarian, is laced with witty commentary on modern life. Brocula’s journey becomes a hilarious allegory for the everyday worker’s struggles, a relatable tale of chasing deadlines and surviving on instant ramen.

But Brocula isn’t just about laughs. Underneath the humour lies a poignant commentary on poverty, inequality, and the challenges of adapting to a changing world. As Brocula grapples with bureaucracy and faces prejudice, the game subtly explores themes of class divide and societal pressures. While lighthearted, Brocula manages to deliver thoughtful observations on the human condition, reminding us that nobody escapes the taxman.

Brocula by Prateek Jadhwani is coming out on the 1st of February 2024 for PC – Steam.