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Kaylee Kuah, Editor-In-Chief

Hailing from Eden-5, Kay is a writer by day and a mechanic speedster by night. Due to some technical error, her giant robot sent her back in time where she must write articles and play games until she uncovers all the pieces to return to her own universe (not Pandora).


Azlan Ismail

Once upon a time a bear approached a computer and began pressing keys. He then pwned everyone online and got called “hacker” and other less flattering terms. Now he’s taking a rest to write about games and learn to use more keys… if he’s not napping.


Shaun Lou

Born into the world of 90’s gaming. Shaun was raised under the care of Nintendo 64, Playstation 2 and Gamecube consoles. Initially a Nintendo advocate, Shaun would never travel without his beloved Nintendo GBA or other Nintendo handheld, as it would always entertain him on his long trips. As the times have changed, he has shifted to enjoy games across multi-platforms and shows a keen interest in writing articles on unique and creative Indie games. Some of his favourite video games are Journey, Red Dead Redemption, Witcher Trilogy and more.


Jason Choo

Playing digital God as a character animator is what I do and enjoy.I make them groove, shocked, happy and even angry. So tell me not to disturb the balance of the universe and I’ll tell you how I’m making things better. Art is life, life is love, love is art. I love everything artsy, from performing arts, dance, and movies! And oh… I write about games too!


Dominic Ng

Aside from being an aspiring young game designer and a gamer himself, he also loves movies, writing, reading, adventures and food. Currently, he is trying to unravel the mystery of why is he always so hungry.


Syamil Silmi

Syamil Silmi is a lifelong member of the PC master race, enjoying many different game genres, but addicted to WoW and Civilization V. When he is not nursing his addiction, he enjoys reading and cycling. You can contact him on Twitter at @arxces where he lurks constantly but tweets maybe twice a year.


Hendra Wardi

Jonathan Yeo

Patric Kuah

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