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Malaysian eSports Is Launching A Major Event

The Dota Pro Circuit is making its first Major stop here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Held by PGL, China’s ImbaTV and the Malaysian EGG Network, The Kuala Lumpur Major will be Malaysia’s largest Dota 2 tournament. There’s a USD$1 million prize pool as well as three days of public…


Valve Turns Off Its Steam Greenlight

After years of saying they’d do it, Valve is finally getting rid of Steam Greenlight. Steam’s user-driven service for admitting smaller games to the Steam store. They’re replacing it with something called Steam Direct. Here’s how it’ll work: “We will ask…

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The Winners Of The Steam Awards

Valve‘s very first Steam Awards has its winners! Surprisingly there were a lot more older games nominated than new ones. The full list was made available over on the Steam news page. But you can check out the full list and categories of…