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YouTube Gaming Has Left The Arena

It looks like Twitch has won the notorious gaming stream war between Google and Amazon. As of 30th of May, Google will be shutting down the YouTube Gaming app as well as its standalone website gaming.youtube.com. According to data compiled…

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CoD Meets Daredevil In Muffled Warfare

Online multiplayer has overtaken the gaming genre and why shouldn’t it? It’s stressful, hilarious and ultimately satisfying to pit your skills against every wannabe salt shaker out there. By now, you’ve hidden in the bushes, grappled for that last bit…

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Facebook Launches Gaming Creator Program

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to compete with Twitch and YouTube for video game streaming: The company is now offering select video gamers a chance to monetize their game-play live streams on Facebook by giving their audience a way to tip them as part…