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Pokémon GO: Trade Evolution Guide

If you’re a Pokémon veteran you’ll know that you can only get certain Pokémon by trading with another player. That is not the case for the location-based mobile game Pokémon Go. The game instead varies a little different from the…


Gen-2 Is On The Way For Pokémon GO!

The Pokémon GO update we’ve all been waiting for is here! Niantic announced that it will introduce 80 new second-generation creatures to the game. Although we don’t have a list of the new species we’ll be able to catch–the second generation of games introduced…


Happy Pokéween! With Pokémon Go’s Halloween Update

Pokémon Go is launching their Halloween event from October 26th to November 1st Pokéween is turning your city into Lavender Town. This week you may start noticing an increase in spooky apparitions. This includes ghosts like Gastly, Gengar, Haunter, Drowzee, Hypno and of…