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All The Marvel TV Shows Coming To Disney+

If you haven’t gotten a Disney+ account, it’s more than likely you’re waiting for the release of their exclusive Marvel TV shows. Disney+ is a streaming platform that’s basically Netflix but with Disney content. But this isn’t just a place…

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YouTube Gaming Has Left The Arena

It looks like Twitch has won the notorious gaming stream war between Google and Amazon. As of 30th of May, Google will be shutting down the YouTube Gaming app as well as its standalone website gaming.youtube.com. According to data compiled…

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Google Stadia – No Console Required

It’s GDC 2019 and it’s the age of a new gaming platform. Google’s gaming platform – Stadia. The idea for Stadia is that players will be able to access any game, including high-end triple-A games, on any device that has Chrome. This includes your PC, tablet…