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Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Has New Summons

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch this year, giving players a chance to explore Square Enix’s latest entry in the storied RPG series. But what would a Final Fantasy game be without a cast of colorful characters and folks summoning…


The Best Of Sony’s 2016 E3 Conference

Sony never fails to disappoint at E3 and this year was no exception. After revealing the launch date of the much awaited PlayStation VR headset we were served game after devastating game. God of War was there showcasing a brand new trailer, we had a visit…


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Comes Out In December

Square Enix released a new trailer today for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Now that the trailer is out, we have tons of new gameplay footage, details, and even a worldwide release date in December 2016. The trailer starts by…