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Southeast Asian SEA Game Awards Nominees - Philippines 2020, Level Up KL

SEA Game Awards 2020 Nominees – Philippines

The 4th annual┬áSEA Game Awards is happening and it’s here to celebrate all the art and game development talent that we have in the Southeast Asian region. Held in conjunction with┬áLevel Up KL 2020, that will be running from the…

Games That Celebrate Southeast Asian Culture

Games That Celebrate Southeast Asian Culture

There’s a lot of games that celebrate Western history and culture, with everything from their pop culture and language to their history. But Asian culture kinda gets a bit of a careless hand in representation with much mixing of Japanese…

Towertale, Misou Games, Philippines, Indie Game, Action, PC Game

Towertale Is A Fresh Twist On Classic Action

Towertale, developed by Filipino indie studio MiSou Games is a light action arcade type that feels familiar and fresh at the same time. We begin our tale with the four classic hero classes from any fantasy RPG. The warrior, the…