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Kabaret – Of Monsters And Tea Leaves

Kabaret makes you question your humanity, by turning you into a monster. The latest game from Persona Theory Games, Kabaret brings you to the mystical realm of ‘Alam’ where you’ve been cursed to live as a monster. Discover more about…

Southeast Asian SEA Game Awards Nominees - Malaysia 2020, Level Up KL

SEA Game Awards 2020 Nominees – Malaysia

Level Up KL 2020 is happening and it’s somehow bigger amongst all this pandemic. While we won’t be getting the expo IRL all the major Level Up events will still be taking place virtually. Which some us prefer, because you…

Fires At Midnight, Persona Game Theory, Malaysia, Indie Game, Twin Towers
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Fires At Midnight – Is it Love?

That age-old question, is it love? Sometimes the answer is no and your heart gets broken, but in Fires at Midnight that truth will set you on fire. An interactive narrative game by Malaysian indie studio Persona Games brings you…