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Here’s Everything About Overwatch’s Anniversary Event

Happy Birthday, Overwatch! Blizzard’s second-anniversary campaign for their wildly popular team-based shooter, Overwatch begins today! The event will run until June 11th across all platforms – PC, Xbox and PlayStation. But let’s get down to why we’re playing, the skins. There’s a total of 50 new…

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What’s New In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the first proper mid-generation remakes to release since Platinum arrived in 2008. It may be a matter of contention whether mid-generation remakes devalue their originals or not, but we’re here to look at the new installments without…

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What To Know Before Playing Destiny 2

It’s launch week for Destiny 2, and suffice to say there’s a lot of new things to learn. There are some major changes from the previous Destiny, with it generally being a more streamlined, logical experience than the first game. With less goofy…


Pacific Rim 2 Drifts Into A Release Date

“Today we cancel the apocalypse,” Stacker Pentecost triumphantly proclaimed to the international fighting forces assembled in the Shatterdome in 2013’s Pacific Rim. It would appear that the apocalypse is back on the docket because Legendary and Universal Pictures’ Pacific Rim 2…