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Tokyo Game Show 2019
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The Best Of Tokyo Game Show 2019

Tokyo Game Show is Japan’s biggest game developer event. Even though we’ve seen most of the big-name games at this year’s E3 and gamescom, remember that Tokyo Game Show is at the heart of most of the OG game developers….


Is Death Stranding Releasing This Year?

We still might not yet know what the hell Death Stranding actually is, but pretty much everyone seems to agree that they are eager to play whatever insanity director Hideo Kojima has pulled together. And according to a recent interview, that time…

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Kojima Won’t Be Making Horror Games Anytime Soon

Hideo Kojima‘s Silent Hills game or P.T. before Konami pulled the plug, looked pretty scary. Now that he’s set up his fantabulous studio and has some awesome PlayStation backing. We’re wondering why his current project Death Stranding, is not a horror game. In an interview…


What You Need To Know About Hideo Kojima

Game designer and director Hideo Kojima was presented with the Industry Icon Award at last week’s The Game Awards. It was night’s most prestigious wards of the industry’s accolades. While introducing Kojima, host Geoff Keighley made multiple references to transgressions rendered upon Kojima following…


Hideo Kojima Reveals New Details On Death Stranding

Death Stranding will be an online open world action game, that’s going to be all about connection.   Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear Solid series (Metal Gear Survive not included). Has revealed a little more information on his mysterious upcoming game, Death…