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Towertale Is A Fresh Twist On Classic Action

Towertale, developed by Filipino indie studio MiSou Games is a light action arcade type that feels familiar and fresh at the same time. We begin our tale with the four classic hero classes from any fantasy RPG. The warrior, the…


Eastshade Is Picture Perfect Relaxation

Most of the games out there are a chaotic, competitive mess of shooting monsters and blowing stuff up. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need, but some days a round of Apex Legends causes more stress than anticipated. That’s when I turn to my…

Eximius Seize The Frontline, Ammobox Studios, DMCA, Steam, Indie Game, Publisher, TheGameWall

Ammobox Studios Reclaims Their Game From Missing Publisher

Malaysian game development studio Ammobox Studio has made the surprising move of filing a DMCA notice against their own game Eximius: Seize the Frontline. The DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a law in the United States intended to protect Intellectual Property. Announced on the…