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The Best Of Blizzcon 2018

How is it Blizzcon time already? Where has this year gone? It feels like I was just learning how to play Doomfist (actually I still don’t really know how to play him) and now we have another new character! I’m not even…

Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard Entertainment, Anaheim, Event, esports
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The Best Of Blizzcon 2017

Summer madness is over and as the fall season begins there’s a calm before the storm feeling in the air, it’s that BlizzCon time of year again. Blizzard Entertainment gives their fans the ultimate service by hosting their annual convention for all things Blizzard. For…


The Hearthstone Malaysia Major

Blizzard kickstarted the Hearthstone Championship Tour of 2017 in Malaysia at the Hearthstone Malaysia Major. After Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia is the 3rd country to hold the Major in the SEA region. This time around, the tournament attracted players all around 13 countries to…