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Who The Heck Is Moon Knight?

Marvel has been hitting it out of the park with tons of new content and rehashing of old favourites. This year they’re paying homage to a lesser-known superhero – Moon Knight. So who is Moon Knight anyway? Some call him…

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10 Aquaman Easter Eggs You Missed

They’ve teased Jason Momoa in fishscale leggings for far too long and finally, Aquaman is here. Let me put this into perspective here – we first saw Momoa as Aquaman in Batman v Superman in 2016. In which he was cast for the role in 2014. That’s…quite a long time to…

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10 Venom Easter Eggs You Missed

The new Venom movie is here and it’s one of out Top Gamer Movies of 2018 (full list here)! And it’s a chance for Tom Hardy to fix what Topher Grace visually scarred into my memory. The director Ruben Fleischer, clearly believes in paying tribute to the…