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CoD Meets Daredevil In Muffled Warfare

Online multiplayer has overtaken the gaming genre and why shouldn’t it? It’s stressful, hilarious and ultimately satisfying to pit your skills against every wannabe salt shaker out there. By now, you’ve hidden in the bushes, grappled for that last bit…

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Marvel’s Defenders Series Roundup

The wait is over: after two and a half years of build-up, The Defenders are finally here. And for the most part, the series succeeds in bringing our four anti-heroes together to do what they’re best at. Beating up bad guys down…


There’s Not Much To Marvel At Iron Fist

Warning: Spoilers Ahoy Marvel’s Iron Fist arrived on Netflix March 17th. Following in the superhero footsteps of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. It’s thirteen episodes of thirty-second fight scenes throughout thirteen hours. Where the characters run through the same few moves in an otherise gripping narrative. While the…


5 Reasons To Watch Marvel’s Iron Fist

The Marvel Netflix shows have consistently introduced new characters and fleshed out their stories. Each one shares a common trait–they contain hardcore grittiness and action. In the latest one, Iron Fist, we’ll meet Danny Rand. Trained in martial arts, the…