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Best Co-Op Games For Serious Squads 2019

2019’s Best Co-Op Games For Serious Squads

Co-op games. Now I’m not talking about introductory ones that you play at a party or that you play with your partner who isn’t very ‘good at video games’. These are serious games for serious squads. So before you embark…

Re Legend, Magnus Games, Malaysia, Indie Game, PC, Early Access

Re:Legend A JRPG Adventure Hybrid Has Launched

Re:Legend by Magnus Games launches on Steam’s Early Access at a 10% discount It’s been two long years since we were first introduced to the adorable JRPG adventure game Re:Legend. And since our previous articles (psst.. read it over here!)…

Best Video Games Coming Out August 2019

The Best Games Coming Out August 2019

August is here and that means we’re one more month away from the biggest AAA releases in September. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything for us to play this month. There’s a bunch of great JRPGs such as…

Cities Skylines, Paradox Interactive, Board Game, City Management

Cities: Skylines Has A Board Game Coming Out

Paradox Interactive announced last year that they would be doing a range of board game adaptations for their four major game series. The first was Crusader Kings II and now we have Cities: Skylines. If you haven’t played Cities: Skylines…