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Nioh 2 – Best Weapons Guide

Nioh 2 is a Dark Souls-esque game by Team Ninja. If any of you have played a Dark Souls game you’ll know what’s in store – tough battles that make sure you die a lot. But the one thing that…

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The Best Of Gamescom 2018

Another year another Gamescom. What is considered to be the biggest gaming event in Europe has drawn to a close and if you weren’t able to head over there or missed most of the news this year, not to worry because…

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What To Know Before Playing Bloodborne

Bloodborne is out for free on PlayStation Plus this March. From the creators of the infamously difficult franchise Dark Souls, From Software’s reputation precedes it when it comes to developing demandingly difficult games. If you’ve never played a Souls game and like me were slightly intimidated at starting this intense…