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What Is Pokémon Go’s New Appraisal Feature?

Pokémon Go has a new update, which adds an interesting new Appraisal feature. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much. When you click on Appraise your team leader will come up telling you how great your Pokémon is. Seriously Blanche chill; it’s just…


Pokémon GO Has Updated Its Tracking Feature

Pokémon GO has undergone update after update following its release. Features have been changed or stripped from the game completely. The most frustrating of these casualties for many players is the in-game tracking, which let players know how close they were…


Pokemon GO Clone Tops The Charts In China

Nintendo’s augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO is sweeping across the world. Well to be more specific just Australia, New Zealand and USA. The lack of a global rollout however hasn’t the game hasn’t stopped perople from wanting to play it. Which…


Pokémon GO Global Launch Paused To Fix Servers

It’s hard to go online and not see any news of Pokémon Go right now. But if you’re like me in South East Asia you’re probably enjoying a more passive involvement of the latest gaming craze right now. Unfortunately this won’t be remedied anytime soon….

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9 Pokémon Go Tips To Know Before You Play

Pokémon Go is finally here! The augmented-reality game for iOS and Android gives you the ability to be a real-life Pokemon trainer! If you want the low-down on how the game works check out how to capture, battle, fight gyms and more! Right now Pokémon Goo has only officially…