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Revel In The Springtime In Destiny 2

Revelry celebrates Spring Destiny 2 style! With flowers, bunny ears, pastels, and slaughtering enemies. There’s plenty to see and do this season, and of course lots of new loot to collect! The Revelry event will run from April 16th to…

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Top 10 Games Coming Out March 2019

“Oh hi March” –  Tommy Wiseau. And just like that, we’re three months into 2019. While most of you have been waiting for FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. There are the rest of us that are perfectly happy that…

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Destiny 2 Unveils The Road Ahead For 2019

Bungie‘s Destiny 2 has had an extremely rough go of it over the last two years, much of it because of some monetization practices that turned off tons of fans when the game was trying to build up some momentum during the…

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Blizzard’s 2018 Black Friday Deals

Battle.net is having a Black Friday sale for Blizzard and Activision PC titles from now through Nov. 30. The deals spawn across the publishers’ big franchises and current titles.   Overwatch I’ve been playing Overwatch continuously since it launched and it…

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Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost 2018

Game developers love Halloween and it’s not just Blizzard getting in on the mix with their latest updates for Overwatch but in the same vein, Bungie and Activision are putting some work into Destiny 2 with their annual event Festival of the Lost. Starting on October 16th through to November 6th, Bungie‘s…

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The Best Of Gamescom 2018

Another year another Gamescom. What is considered to be the biggest gaming event in Europe has drawn to a close and if you weren’t able to head over there or missed most of the news this year, not to worry because…