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The Game Awards 2015: Official Nominations Announced

A huge year for video games is coming to a close. Which means the second annual production of Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards is coming. The event will air on December 3rd to cap the year off.  Last year the show emerged from the…


Nightfall A Survival Horror from the Philippines

Everyone knows that if you want REAL horror all you need to do is look to the East. And by East I mean Asia. No culture has a rich or albeit bizarre folklore as that of Asia. Take the pontianak…


JJ Abrams and Epic Games Partner For Spyjinx

JJ Abrams is a man that needs no introduction; his name is synonymous with Star Trek, Lost, Star Wars and lens flare fans alike. Now he’s about to enter a galaxy not so far away from the movie universe, into…


No More In-App Purchases With Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground by Amazon, for Android launches a revolutionary app store that has re-invented the monetization model for mobile games. Rather than paying for app downloads or in-app purchases, developers will get paid according to the amount of time customers…

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What To Know Before Playing Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is here, and in classic Bethesda style, is an overwhelmingly huge, deep open-world sandbox with an incomprehensible amount of stuff to do, see and find. Despite being familiar to its predecessors in many ways, it’s bigger, funnier and…


Post-Apocalyptic Robot Dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn

Following the close of Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week, Sony and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games have released a new gameplay trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn. For those of you that missed the E3 launch, Horizon Zero Dawn will…