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Coral Island – Best Crops To Plant (Updated)

Coral Island is a re-imagined farming and life sim that has you living your life on a gorgeous tropical island. For veterans Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon. you’re going to feel completely familiar with the mechanics of the game. To grow crops,…

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Coral Island – Festival Guide

Coral Island by Stairway Games is the Southeast Asian alternative to Stardew Valley. It’s a beautiful game that has you spending each day farming, fishing, catching bugs and making friends with the diverse townsfolk. But on special days you can take…

Coral Island, Stairway Games, Indonesia, Farming game, Friendship Guide, Romance, islanders, Townies, Gifts, Early Access, PC
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Coral Island – Friendship Guide

Coral Island is a re-imagined farm and life sim that has all the joy of Stardew Valley on a tropical island. Enjoy the unique fauna and flora of Southeast Asia, farm crops, make friends and most importantly save the environment and the town!…