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World of Final Fantasy: Review

If you’re a long time fan of Final Fantasy and you just bought World of Final Fantasy you might be in for a surprise. Imagining the epic battles of other iconic Final Fantasy titles you might think to yourself whether…


World Of Final Fantasy Is A World Of Nostalgia

World of Final Fantasy is a full-on nostalgia fest. From the moment Lann and Reynn find their way out of Nine Wood Hills, they’re encountering people, places, and monsters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.  Get ready to see all…


World of Final Fantasy ISH SHO KUIT!

It’s SUPER KAWAII TIME!!! Just look at how CUTE and ADORABLE all the characters are in World of Final Fantasy! Look at the WIDDLE MONSTERS!!! *SQUEEEEEE*  World of Final Fantasy definitely has a different vibe from the foreboding darkness and…