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Retrospective On Marvel And Popular Culture

It’s early morning in mid-November 2020, and a phone pings waking its owner. The owner has forgotten to turn on the Do Not Disturb during the night, and he has just received a prompt notification from Google telling him that…

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All The Marvel TV Shows Coming To Disney+

If you haven’t gotten a Disney+ account, it’s more than likely you’re waiting for the release of their exclusive Marvel TV shows. Disney+ is a streaming platform that’s basically Netflix but with Disney content. But this isn’t just a place…


New Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Now that you’ve hit replay a couple dozen times on Captain Marvel‘s second trailer—and possibly searched that eye-popping new poster for Easter Eggs a few times for good measure—we’ve got an in-depth breakdown of the teaser for Marvel’s next epic, starring Brie Larson as the ass-kicking…