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The Hearthstone Malaysia Major

Blizzard kickstarted the Hearthstone Championship Tour of 2017 in Malaysia at the Hearthstone Malaysia Major. After Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia is the 3rd country to hold the Major in the SEA region. This time around, the tournament attracted players all around 13 countries to…


Hearthstone Is Having A Party In Karazhan!

The new Hearthstone expansion drops you into funky magic town. Where the drinks are hot and the party don’t stop! Blizzard has unveiled Hearthstone‘s next adventure: One Night in Karazhan—and it is definitely a big ol’ partay adventure. For those who don’t already know,…


5 Mobile Card Games That Aren’t Hearthstone

Heavenstrike Rivals by Mediatonic and Square Enix Heavenstrike Rivals is a tactical Card Collecting RPG from Square Enix. Players collect a deck of cards that determine what units are brought onto the battlefield. Battles take place either in story mode…

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Big Changes Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm is not one of Blizzard’s biggest MOBA games but it does have a considerable fan following. Over on the official Blizzard Entertainment website, the CEO and CDO, J. Allen Brack and Ray Gresko, made a post outlining the state of development…