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Hogwarts Legacy, Portkey Games, Avalanche Studios

Hogwarts Legacy – Everything We Know

Hogwarts Legacy is the highly anticipated open-world wizard RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. The game was unveiled back in 2020 from Portkey Games and since then we’ve got a lot of amazing details. As well as a whole…

Nintendo Switch Halloween 2019

Best Halloween Games For The Nintendo Switch

It’s early October and everyone’s already in the Halloween spirit! We’ve got leaks for a ton of Halloween game events. And whether you want to carve pumpkins, eat candy or just scare yourself silly, the Nintendo Switch has the game…


Up Your ‘Devotion’ For Asian Horror

“Be careful what you pray for”, Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games releases Devotion. Set in 1980’s Taiwan, the story revolves around a religious Taiwanese family of three that used to live in an old apartment complex. Delve into the vows each member of the family has…