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Cities: Skylines Has A Board Game Coming Out

Paradox Interactive announced last year that they would be doing a range of board game adaptations for their four major game series. The first was Crusader Kings II and now we have Cities: Skylines. If you haven’t played Cities: Skylines…

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Nominations For The Steam Awards

The Steam Awards, announced by Valve last month opened up a floodgate of true community nominations. Gamers could nominate the games they felt best deserved to win an award at the end of the year. If you missed it you can check out…

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Outlanders – A Cozy Town-Building Sim

Outlanders, the charming settlement-building strategy game is out now on PC. If you’re a fan of city-building games then you probably love the orderly utopia of managing your own virtual city. And these days games like SimCity and Cities: Skylines…