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What’s Happening With The New Batman Movie?

Things have been pretty quiet on The Batman front lately. The long-planned DCEU Batman solo movie has had to deal with multiple directors, multiple scripts, and the ongoing question of whether or not its potential star, Ben Affleck (who at one point…

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Batman VR Take’s You Into Rocksteady’s Arkham

Rocksteady Studios is putting gamers inside the cowl of Gotham City’s Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham VR. Batman Arkham VR will be launching alongside the PlayStation VR headset in October 2016. As the name implies, this title takes place in Rocksteady’s Arkham game…


Holy Smokes Telltale! A Batman Trailer!

Last year’s game awards gave rise to the announcement of a Batman Telltale series. Our caped crusader has been fighting comic book crime since the 1930s. Since then we’ve got a whole host of Batman TV shows, cartoons, movies (don’t even get me…


5 Ways Batman Could Beat Superman

Since DC Comics first started publishing Superman and Batman stories, the two figureheads of their company have constantly been compared. Superman as the golden boy, the celebrated hero, the moral do-gooder. Batman, however, doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, doing…