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Zenless Zone Zero – Best Agent List

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest game in the miHoYo universe and just like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail before it, it’s a gacha-oriented RPG game focused on a large cast of characters. In Zenless Zone Zero you take on the role of a Proxy, a special agent tasked with retrieving precious resources known as Divines. Dive into the glittering neon cityscape of New Eridu, a metropolis built upon the husks of gods. In its glittering depths hides a shadowy organization known as the Heavenly Syndicate, which controls the flow of Divines. Here a rebellion stirs within the oppressed masses.

There are currently 16 agents to choose from in Zenless Zen Zero v1.0. To choose the best agent you’ll want to specialise in either a faction or a specific attribute—such as fire, ice, or electric—as this will unlock your agents’ additional ability. Enemy factions are also weak to specific attributes, which encourages you to create teams focused on fighting each of them in the endgame.

The starting roster of agents is a little unbalanced in terms of specialities and attributes. For example, there’s only one attack character for fire, ether, and electric. Ben is also the only defence character, and the ether attribute only has one agent available right now, with a second on the way. But right now these are the best agents up for grabs.



FactionVictoria Housekeeping Co.Core StatCRIT

This shark maid is an incredible ice-based damage dealer and the best attack character in the game right now. Ellen can enter a special sprint state that allows her to unleash the Arctic Ambush attack and gain Flash Freeze Charges; a resource she consumes to deal enhanced ice attacks against opponents. 

Her core skill also massively buffs crit damage when she does either of those. Ellen is both very fun to play and one of the reasons ice is among the game’s strongest attributes right now.


FactionObol SquadCore StatCRIT

Soldier 11 is an easy-to-use DPS that deals a lot of damage and as of now is the best—and only—fire-based attack character. Honestly, even though her animations are cool, Soldier 11’s playstyle is a bit boring, centred entirely around delaying attack inputs to imbue her sword with fire. However, it’s impossible to deny that she’s the strongest fire-based damage dealer at launch and the perfect complement to a team-up with Koleda and Ben.

Soldier 11

FactionCunning Hares AKA Gentle HouseCore StatCRIT

Another speedy character, Nekomata is a physical attack agent who gains increased damage when she successfully pulls off a dodge counter or a quick assist. It makes for a fun, evasive playstyle, as this robo-footed-feline dashes around the battlefield slashing up opponents and dealing Assault with her special attack.

Her additional ability increases the damage of her next EX special attack anytime a character inflicts Assault, making her the perfect centrepiece for a physical-focused squad.



FactionVictoria Housekeeping Co.Core StatImpact

Though Lycaon’s playstyle is about as basic as Soldier 11—you hold down attacks to charge and deal ice damage—it doesn’t matter so much when his speciality is stun. Lycaon’s role is effectively jumping in, beating the crap out of enemies until they’re stunned so other characters can take over, and he does that exceptionally well. He’s definitely the strongest stun agent in the game at launch. Alongside Ellen and Soukaku, Lycaon is also the third pillar of ZZZ’s best ice team.


FactionBelobog Heavy IndustriesCore StatAnomaly Mastery

Anomaly characters are a little strange in that they’re damage dealers who focus on proccing attribute anomalies. I would call them DoT attack characters, but as you’ll see with Piper in the next entry, that doesn’t quite fit as a description. 

Personally, I prefer Grace to Anton as an electric damage-dealer; she has a fun playstyle based on shooting enemies with a nail gun to gain stacks of Zap, which her skill then consumes to throw electric grenades and apply Shock. She also works well with Rina’s additional ability that increases Shock duration. 


FactionBelobog Heavy IndustriesCore StatImpact

Though I’d definitely say Koleda is S-tier in combination with Ben, when she’s on her lonesome she’s more A-tier. She can deal a lot of Daze DMG and increase the party’s Chain Attack DMG on stunned enemies. But she loses a bit of her potency when not paired with Ben.



FactionVictoria Housekeeping Co.Core StatPEN

Whether you use Grace or Anton, the real core of ZZZ’s strongest electric team is Rina. This puppet-wielding maid boosts squad PEN ratio—the amount of enemy defence you ignore—based on her own, but she also increases Shock duration and squad damage to shocked enemies with her additional ability

This makes her a strong support best utilised in electric parties. She’s also a damage-dealer in her own right with lots of electric AoEs that are great for taking out groups of enemies.


FactionHollow Special Operations Section 6Core StatEnergy Regen

Soukaku is a versatile Support unit that can make other units stronger with her ATK buff. She is especially useful in Ice-centric teams with her Ice DMG buffs and strong Freezing capability, such as paired with Ellend and Lycaon.

Soukaku’s playstyle revolves around gathering three stacks of Vortex using her EX special attack, before unleashing Fly the Flag and entering the Frosted Banner state. This enhances her basic attacks to deal ice damage, consuming the Vortex, but also buffing her attack. This buff also applies to characters switching in for quick assists and chain attacks. Lastly, her additional ability increases ice damage for the whole squad when she consumes said Vortex. 


FactionSons of CalydonCore StatEnergy Regen

Lucy is a solid general Support character who can deal off-field damage with her Guard Boar summons. Her Guard Boar minions, inherit both her attack and impact, plus crit rate and crit damage via her additional ability. Additionally, they can also provide ATK buffs to the team.

After using her EX special attack, she buffs both party and Guard Boar attacks based on her own, so functions as a pretty strong support for any team. It’s also a lot of fun smacking boars at enemies with a baseball bat. Just keep in mind that her boars may have a hard time keeping up with mobile enemies.

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse, here to provide a thrilling combat experience. Build a squad of up to three and begin your assault with Basic and Special Attacks. Dodge and Parry to neutralize your opponents’ counterattacks, and when they’re Stunned, unleash a powerful combo of Chain Attacks to finish them off! Remember, different opponents have different traits, and it would be prudent to use their weaknesses to your advantage.

Zenless Zone Zero is out now for the PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS.


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