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The Star Named EOS – Unveiling the Past, One Click at a Time

The Star Named EOS is a story-rich puzzle adventure built around photography. Recreate compositions of past photos to uncover the truth of a family mystery. Experience a harmonious mixture of beautiful hand-drawn art and engaging puzzles on a journey of reminiscence.

For those yearning for a narrative tapestry woven with the threads of mystery, nostalgia, and the magic of photography, look no further than The Star Named EOS, a captivating adventure game set to launch on July 23, 2024. Developed by the visionary minds at Silver Lining Studio, this title promises to be an unforgettable odyssey, transporting players on a deeply personal journey guided by the legacy of a loved one.


Uncover The Truth of A Family Mystery

Step into the shoes of Dei, a young photographer grappling with the profound absence of his mother. All he has are her captivating photographs, each one a vibrant portal to a world unseen. Driven by a burning desire to understand his mother’s past and the reasons behind her disappearance, Dei embarks on a poignant pilgrimage, retracing her footsteps across meticulously hand-drawn landscapes.

As you recreate photos from the past, you will slowly uncover the truth of a family mystery, and the love hidden within fragmented memories will eventually become clear.


Recreate Lost Memories With Your Camera


As the young photographer Dei, the player sets off on a journey following in the footsteps of his absent mother. When he was a young child, Dei received letters from his mother on her travels. They always included beautiful pictures of places she visited. But one day, Dei notices something strange in the photos that threatens to overturn everything he’s ever believed in. With the guidance of his mother’s voice ringing from deep within his heart, he takes the first step on a journey to discover the truth of his mother’s absence.


Story-Rich Puzzle Adventure


The Star Named EOS transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Here, the gameplay itself becomes an act of remembrance. Players will delve into a world brimming with evocative details, where every element – from the dappled sunlight filtering through leaves to the quaint trinkets adorning a shelf – holds the key to unlocking a cherished memory. The core mechanic lies in meticulously recreating the scenes captured in your mother’s photographs. This isn’t just about point-and-click; it’s a delicate dance of observation, arrangement, and emotional connection. As you meticulously position objects, adjust lighting, and frame the perfect shot, you’ll feel a profound sense of intimacy with your mother’s experiences. Each recreated scene becomes a puzzle piece, slowly revealing the forgotten chapters of her story and the unwavering love that binds your family.


The Star Named EOS

But The Star Named EOS is more than just a captivating puzzle experience. Lush, hand-drawn visuals come alive with a vibrant charm, transporting you to a world both whimsical and deeply personal. Fully voiced characters and a heartfelt narrative weave a spell that will resonate with players of all ages. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged as you uncover hidden secrets, forge meaningful connections, and witness the power of photography to preserve precious moments and bridge the gap between past and present. The game will be released on the 23rd of July 2024 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Steam.

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