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Moonstone Island – Complete Fishing Guide

Moonstone Island is a Pokemon-esque creature collecting and life-sim game where you play as a budding alchemist. In this world, there are over a hundred floating islands for you to explore, catch Spirits, make friends or spend your time relaxing by making friends with the islanders or fishing. There are several types of fish that you can catch on Moonstone Island. Fish are great as gifts for friends as well as to sell for money! In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about fishing in Moonstone Island.


How To Start Fishing

To get started fishing on Moonstone Island, head to Tobin’s Fishing Shop and buy the Fishing Rod for 200g. It is a unique one-time purchase that will be added to your Tool Wheel so that you can start fishing. Tobin also sells hooks that make it easier to catch fish but we’ll get more into that later.

With your newly acquired fishing rod go over to the nearest body of water to begin fishing. Select the fishing rod from your inventory or tool wheel, and get ready to cast by holding down the action key to cast your line. A series of dots representing your line will bounce back and forth. Release the action key at the desired distance you want your line to land.

Now just hang out until a fish is interested in your line and once one is, a red exclamation point will appear above your character’s head. Use the action key and you’ll be taken into the fishing mini-game. Once the mini-game begins, you’ll see a small dotted circle representing your fishing target. Your goal is to align this circle with the fish as it moves around.

To control the movement of the circle, hold and drag your cursor or joystick in the direction you want it to go. Keep a steady hand and follow the fish’s movements closely. Your aim is to keep the circle on the fish until the green meter fills up completely. Once the meter is full, it’s time to reel in your catch by using the action key.


Fishing Hook Upgrades

Tobin’s shop offers hook upgrades for your fishing rod to help you fish better. But remember, each hook can only be used once, so be sure to stock up on them if you plan on going on an extensive fishing spree.

Big HookIncreases the size of your fishing target, making it easier to align the dotted circle with the fish10g
Drowsy DanglerSlows fish down so that it’s harder for them to escape.10g
Swift HookMakes the fishing target move faster, testing your reflexes and agility.

Fish Locations

Each island type in Moonstone Island has specific Fish that you can only catch on that type of island.


Earth Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina

Water Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina

Electric Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina
Lightning Eel68g135g203g270g

Fire Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina

Poison Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina

Dark Island

+30 Stamina+60 Stamina+90 Stamina+120 Stamina

Fishing Skill Tree

The Foraging skill category is split up into the “Fishing” and “Scavenging” subsections. Experience in this category is gained by catching fish, logging, and mining. Perfectly timing fishing rod casts will increase your Fishing EXP even more than fish quality alone does.

Skills in the Fishing section increase the chances of catching higher quality fish as well as the chances of treasure chests appearing while fishing.

Scallywag5% chance to catch a treasure chest.
Plunderer10% chance to catch a treasure chest.
Pirate15% chance to catch a treasure chest.
Beginner AnglerMore likely to catch Silver-quality fish.
Intermediate AnglerMore likely to catch Gold quality fish.
Expert AnglerMore likely to catch Moonstone quality fish.

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