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Echoes of the Plum Grove – All Crafting Blueprint Recipes


How To Start Crafting

To begin crafting in Echoes of the Plum Grove you’ll first need access to a Crafting Table. You’ll get access to this early on once you’ve completed a number of the tutorial quests. To begin crafting at the table you’ll need Blueprints, you can earn this through quest rewards or by befriending Villagers. Once you have a Blueprint head over to the Crafting Table, and you’ll see what materials are needed to craft a specific item.

Once you have the right materials, you can process them at the Crafting Table. The time taken to Refine resources using these items will vary from item to item.


Crafting Blueprints


Artisan Machines

Anvil10x Wood
5x Nails
10x Iron Bars
8x Stone
For crafting NailsCrafting Skill Lvl 6
Butter Churn25x Wood
3x Nails
1x Iron Bar
Turns Milk/Goat Milk into ButterQuest Reward
Candy Maker52x Wood
2x Pine Sap
2x Copper Bar
5x Cloth
Makes CandySocial Skill Lvl 4
Cask75x Wood
12x Nails
1x Steel Bar
1x Pine Sap
Used to craft WineSocial Skill Lvl
Charcoal Kiln10x Wood
15x Stone
10x Brick
5x Dirt
Turns Wood into CoalForaging Skill Lvl 4
Cheese Press54x Wood
25x Stone
10x Iron Ore
1x Cloth
Turns Milk/Goat Milk into CheeseQuest Reward
Composter30x Wood
2x Nails
20x Dirt
10x Worms
Turns Rot into FertilizerDefault Blueprint
Drying Rack30x Wood
4x Nails
5x Coal
Used to dry – Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, FishForaging Skill Lvl 2
Dye Station5x Wood
20x Nails
10x Bayberry
8x Iron Bars
Use dyes to colour clothes
Flour Mill25x Wood
1x Iron Bar
1x Copper Bar
Turns Corn into Wheat and Oat into FlourCrafting Skill Lvl 2
Keg75x Wood
12x Nails
2x Iron Bar
Used to make Beer
Loom90x Wood
2x Copper Bar
5x Thread
Turns String into Cloth and Yarn into Wool
Preservative Jar30x Wood
10x Nails
15x Stone
Preserve – Fruit, Vegetables, Fish and MeatDefault Blueprint
Simple Smelter4x Wood
15x Stone
9x Brick
5x Coal
Turns Ore into Bars, Clay into Bricks and Sand into GlassCrafting Skill Lvl 4
Soap Maker25x Wood
2x Iron Bar
1x Cloth
20x Bayberry
5x Tallow
Used to make Soap
Spinning Wheel42x Wood
10x Nails
1x Iron Bar
Used to make String and YarnQuest Reward


Farm Helper Chest12x Wood
2x Nails
A chest used for storing equipment and itemsDefault Blueprint
Large Ice Box20x Nails
22x Iron Bar
4x Stone
A large storage unit to help preserve food.
Requires ice.
Crafting Skill Lvl
Small Ice Box12x Nails
13x Iron Bar
4x Stone
A small storage unit to help preserve food.
Requires ice.
Farming Skill Lvl 4
Wooden Chest15x Wood
4x Nails
1x Iron Bar
Used to store valuables. Items can still rot inside.Default Blueprint


Common Lure1x Nail
2x Worms
Used to catch fishFishing Skill Lvl 2
Crafting Table30x Wood
4x Nails
12x Stone
1x Iron Bar
Where all items are craftedDefault Blueprint
Dark Wood Lantern5x Wood
2x Nails
1x Iron Bar
A dark wooden post holds up an iron lantern with delicate detailsQuest Reward
Lantern4x Nails
2x Iron Bars
1x Glass
A simple Lantern to light your way in the darkQuest Reward
Scarecrow10x Wood
15x Straw
2x Cloth
2x Thread
Helps prevent birds from eating cropsQuest Reward
Shellfish Lure3x Wood
1x Nail
1x Thread
A simple net lure designed to catch shellfish.
Used only in the ocean
Fishing Skill Lvl 4
Stone Well5x Wood
25x Stone
A reserve of water to fill your Watering CanFarming Skill Lvl 2


Single Wooden Bed15x Wood
3x Nails
A basic bed made of strawDefault Blueprint
Yellow Dog House12x Wood
3x Nails
A simple yellow-coloured dog house with a brown shingled roofSocial Skill Lvl 2
White Dog House12x Wood
3x Nails
A simple wooden white-coloured dog house with a black shingled roof


Double Flower Pots2x Tulip Bulbs
3x Clay
3x Dirt
Clay pots filled with flowers that change through the seasons
Herb Garden22x Wood
22x Dirt
2x Elderberries
A small patch of garden that grows seasonal herbsQuest Reward
Ivy Trellis8x Wood
5x Dirt
A dark wood-colored trellis growing seasonal ivy
Long Hay Bale15x StrawQuest Reward
Single Flower Pot1x Tulip Bulb
2x Clay
1x Dirt
A single clay pot filled with flowers that change with the seasons
Spring Tulip Display7x Wood
4x Nails
10x Dirt
5x Tulip Bulbs
A barrel of flowersFarming Skill Lvl 3


Brick Fence5x Brick
1x Paint
Iron Fence1x Iron Bar
3x Nails
A durable iron fence. Made to last a lifetime.
Makes 10
Quest Reward
Picket Fence10x Wood
3x Nails
A simple wooden fence.
Makes 10
Default Blueprint
Picket Fence Gate5x Wood
1x Nail
A gate to match the picket fenceDefault Blueprint
Waddle Fence10x Wood
3x Nails
A simple stick-made fence.
Makes 10
Default Blueprint
Waddle Fence Gate3x Wood
1x Nail
A gate to match the waddle fenceDefault Blueprint


Brick Path3x BrickA proper dignified path made out of red brick. Makes 10Quest Reward
Brown Brick Path3x BrickA proper dignified path made out of brown brick. Makes 10Quest Reward
Dirt Path3x DirtA simple compact path to walk on. Makes 10Default Blueprint
Wooden Path3x WoodA natural wooden plank pathway worn with use. Makes 10Quest Reward

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