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Cozy Caravan – The Complete Cooking and Recipe Guide

Cozy Caravan is a life sim game where you spend your time having adventures and making friends on a picturesque caravan journey. It’s just you, a fuzzy bumblebee named Rigby and of course, your trusty caravan, visiting small towns to sell your wares. Each place you visit will be brimming with friendly faces in need of a helping hand.

As a travelling salesman, you’ll gather resources, craft charming goods, and barter with the locals, all while spreading kindness and earning Guild Tokens. Cozy Caravan is a delightful blend of exploration, crafting, and trading. There’s plenty to see and do in the game, but in this guide, we’ll be focusing on cooking and the wonderful recipes that you can whip up in Cozy Caravan. Use these delicious meals to sell at the market or to help a new friend in need.

Some recipes will be unlocked automatically once you gain access to cooking or harvest certain ingredients, but others are earned through quests or talking to certain NPCs. To help you out, here’s a complete guide to every recipe in the game so far and where to get it.

Disclaimer: Cozy Caravan launched in Steam Early Access in May 2024, as such details of this article are subject to change as the game updates.

How To Start Cooking

To begin cooking in Cozy Caravan you’ll need to unlock the kitchen by upgrading your caravan. You can do this in Basselbrook by purchasing a Cooking Table and Oven upgrade from the Guild Rep. Arthur. After you buy the Cooking Table upgrade, Arthur will teach you the first recipe – salad.

From then on, you’ll unlock new recipes by completing quests and talking to different people around town. Some will require upgrades to the Cooking Table or Oven, so you’ll need to keep collecting Guild Tokens to make all of your new recipes.

Do note that you can only cook using ingredients that are in your backpack, so check the recipe book and grab everything you need from the inventory chest before you go to the cooking station.

Ingredient Locations

AppleToffee Top Orchard
Whisperfalls Lookout – Near the Trees
CarrotFellowood Acres
Capsicum (Pepper)Hershey’s Homestead
CornBuzzington Hills
EggBuzzington Hills
HerbToffee Top Orchard – During Stew Quest
HoneyBuzzington Hills
LettuceFellowood Acres
Milk‘Dairy Me’ Dairy Bar
OnionHershey’s Homestead
PotatoHershey’s Homestead
Sugar CaneSweetness Way
TomatoFellowood Acres
WheatWheatley Lodge


Cooking Table

Apple – Chopped1x AppleCollect your first Apple
Butter1x CreamSkip Stones with Bernie for the first time
Cake Mix1x Egg
1x Flour
1x Milk
1x Sugar
Give Carrot to Jean Pierre at Hershey’s Homestead
Carrot – Chopped1x CarrotCollect your first Carrot
Capsicum – Chopped1x CapsicumCollect your first Capsicum
Cream1x MilkSkip Stones with Bernie for the first time
Flat Pastry (Raw)1x Flour
1x Sugar
1x Butter
Play Hopscotch with Rosie Multiple Times
Lettuce – Chopped1x LettuceCollect your first Lettuce
Onion – Chopped1x OnionCollect your first Onion
Potato – Chopped1x PotatoCollect your first Potato
Salad1x Carrot – Chopped
1x Tomato – Chopped
1x Lettuce – Chopped
Buy the Cooking Table Upgrade
Tomato – Chopped1x TomatoCollect your first Tomato

Mortar & Pestle

Bee Repellant1x CapsicumTalk to Jill during Bee Fence Repair Quest
Flour1x WheatGive Carrot to Jean Pierre at Hershey’s Homestead
Sugar1x Sugar CaneCollect your first Sugar Cane


Apple Pie1x Apple – Chopped
1x Flat Pastry (Raw)
Play Hopscotch with Rosie Multiple Times
Candied Apple1x Apple
1x Sugar
Give Sugarcane to Carmel Sundae at Toffee Top Orchards
Carrot Cake1x Cake Mix
1x Carrot – Chopped
Give Carrot to Jean Pierre at Hershey’s Homestead
Honey Cake1x Cake Mix
1x Honey
Gift from Mr Gulligan after bringing Flossy Back
Roast Potatoes1x Potato – Chopped
1x Herb
Return Bees to Bogart for the first time

Oven with Stovetop

Apple Cake1x Cake Mix
1x Apple – Sliced
Gift from Mr Gulligan after bringing Flossy Back
Grandma Dolly’s Stew1x Tomato – Chopped
1x Sugarcane
1x Herb
1x Potato – Chopped
Complete Ellie’s Stew Recipe Quest
Mashed Potatoes1x Potato – Chopped
1x Butter
Skip Stones with Bernie for the first time
Onion and Potato Soup1x Onion – Chopped
1x Potato – Chopped
Popcorn1x Corn
1x Butter
Play Hopscotch with Rosie Multiple Times
Tomato Soup2x Tomato – ChoppedGift

Cozy Caravan

Embark on a single-player, top-down journey in Cozy Caravan, where the arts of crafting, trading, and exploration come together in a beautifully cozy world. Form lasting bonds as you and your caravan journey through charming towns, enriching lives along the way.

Gale Everett

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