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Amber Isle – Be A Dino Shopkeeper in Prehistoric Paradise

Amber Isle looks to be a delightful cozy shopkeeper sim where you play as a hardworking dinosaur, that’s here to help a failing village by setting up a shop. Here you can craft and sell essential items to your fellow dino friends and neighbours. All the while living and making friends with other prehistoric pals. Honestly, I can’t get enough of all these wonderful cozy shopkeeper games coming out. Think of this one as if Paleo Pines and Animal Crossing had a wonderful baby.

Developed by Ambertail Games and published by Team17, Amber Isle is due to release on the PC and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed release date yet, but be sure to wishlist it to get more updates.

Revive a Prehistoric Paradise

At the request of the grumpy iguanodon Mayor Clawsworth, you are sent on a mission to breathe life back into Amber Isle. To do this you’ll need to open and customize a shop that will help rebuild the island and attract new residents to stay. The more attractive your island becomes, the more Paleofolk from different prehistoric eras, will want to come and live there.

As your shop flourishes, so too will Amber Isle. With every successful sale and fulfilled custom order, you’ll earn the resources needed to expand your shop, unlock new crafting recipes, and improve the surrounding village. Choose to utilise your shop’s profits to help rebuild the island and unlock new areas. Decorate with paths, foliage, and amenities to make Amber Isle an attractive destination. Only then will our Paleofolk pals consider packing up and moving in permanently.

Crafting and Customer Care

While this at first might seem like the beginning of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the main difference in this game is going to be the shop management component. Where you’ll spend most of your time looking after, crafting for and taking care of your customers. Because you’re creating everything yourself some world exploration is also needed, as you’ll need to venture out to gather components for increasingly complex items.

Once a healthy selection of items has been crafted and the shelves are fully stocked, open your shop, stand behind the counter, and serve Amber Isle’s colourful collection of Cretaceous customers. Haggling, making suggestions, and taking orders give players a surprisingly diverse range of tasks to take on while shopkeeping.

You’ll also be able to take custom orders, ensuring you cater to the specific needs of your reptilian clientele. This adds a layer of strategy to the game, requiring you to manage resources effectively and build strong relationships with the dinosaur community.

A Slice of Prehistoric Life

While the shop is Amber Isle’s most standout feature, it wouldn’t be a life-sim without a cast of villagers to interact with, hang out with, and solve problems for. Luckily, Amber Isle presents a varied and loveable cast of characters. From the island’s curmudgeonly mayor, Clawsworth, to Maple, the town’s peppy courier, players setting up shop on Amber Isle will likely have no shortage of scaly, fanged friends.

Paleofolk come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and species- it’s not just dinosaurs! There are Ice Age mammals, Permian amphibians, marine life, invertebrates, and more! Amber Isle has 48 different Paleofolk to befriend, all with unique personalities, preferences, dialogue, and quests. Get closer to Paleofolk by hanging out with them and fulfilling their requests. As your friendship grows, Paleofolk will share new upgrades and recipes with you. With your help, they can even build their own stalls, cafes, gardens, and communal areas on Amber Isle.

Amber Isle

Amber Isle promises a relaxing and visually delightful experience. With its vibrant environments, charming dinosaur characters, and focus on community building, the game seems perfect for unwinding after a long day. Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast or simply enjoy a good shopkeeping sim, Amber Isle shapes up to be a delightful addition to the cozy gaming genre.

Gale Everett

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