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Wanderstop – An Upcoming Cozy Tale of Tea and Transformation

Wanderstop is an upcoming narrative-driven cozy game that was revealed at this year’s Summer Game Fest 2024. It promises a unique blend of tea shop management, cozy vibes and introspective storytelling. From the team at Ivy Road, game development is led by industry veterans like Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable) and Karla Zimonja (Gone Home).

Step into the shoes of Alta, a once-celebrated warrior who now finds herself in a charming tea shop nestled within a magical forest. Trading the thrill of combat for the delicate art of tea brewing, Alta must adapt to this unexpected change of pace. Overall it seems like an idyllic life but is Alta actually ready for this? Can she quiet the doubts in her mind? Put aside her fighting nature? And really enjoy life in Wanderstop? This mental struggle and unpacking of Alta’s trauma is the main focus of the game, but tea helps in situations like these.

Wanderstop is set to launch on PlayStation 5 and PC – Steam sometime this year.


From Champion to Shopkeeper: Alta’s Unexpected Journey

The main protagonist of Wanderstop is Alta, a fallen fighter in a previous life, who now manages a tea shop. While most of us could only dream of such a life, there’s something to be said about the over-romanticisation of slow living. It’s not for everyone and for Alta, this isn’t exactly the life she had planned for. She doesn’t want to be here and is having a hard time convincing herself that this is good for her.

Running a teashop demands a great deal of patience, especially for one such as Alta who identifies as a fighter. “Why would anyone insist on turning the world’s greatest championship warrior into a docile shopkeeper?” thinks Alta. She hates being here. She believes she’s destined for so much more and is capable of so much more than brewing tea. In our world of hustle culture, productivity and status are things to aim for, is doing nothing really okay?

Wanderstop explores Alta’s internal struggle – will she embrace her newfound role as a tea master, or yearn for her former life as a warrior?


The Ritual of Brewing: A Cup Crafted with Care

The act of brewing tea in Wanderstop goes beyond just adding hot water to a tea bag. Take an active role in the tea-making process, from growing and harvesting your own ingredients, to venturing into the forest for various taste additives. Along the way, speak with the many travellers who pass through the shop, learn their stories and make tea that’s just right for them. You’ll create custom tea blends using a special contraption to suit your customers’ needs.

The game emphasizes the act of brewing tea as a meditative ritual, demanding focus and attention to detail. This focus extends beyond the brewing process itself. By listening to your customers’ stories and understanding their personalities, you can craft the perfect cup to soothe their weary souls.


A Team Steeped in Experience

Wanderstop boasts an impressive development pedigree. Leading the charge at Ivy Road is Davey Wreden, the mind behind critically acclaimed titles like The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide. Narrative expertise comes from Karla Zimonja, co-creator of Gone Home and Tacoma. And to top it off, the iconic soundscapes of Minecraft, composed by Daniel Rosenfeld (C418), will add a layer of warmth and wonder to Wanderstop’s world.

With this team of talented developers at the helm, Wanderstop promises a heartwarming experience that blends whimsical storytelling with the comforting routine of brewing tea. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing escape or a narrative adventure with hidden depths, Wanderstop is poised to offer a cup of something truly special.


Wishlist Wanderstop on PC – Steam now as we wait for the official release date.


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