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Tavern Talk – All Choices and Consequences

Tavern Talk is a fantasy game where you run a ravern in a D&D inspired world. As the humble innkeeper of the Wayfarer’s Inn you’ll serves drinks to the intrepid adventurers of Asteria. Learn about their daring feats, on how they plan to slay the monsters, vampires and wizards that roam the land. Boost up their courage with a potion of strength and defence or help them on the sly by feeding them some extra charisma. The drinks you serve can change their destiny and maybe even alter the fate of the world.

Beyond the walls of this cosy tavern, a world-threatening danger is brewing. Every quest, rumour and conversation is intertwined with the ultimate fate of the land. In this guide we have a list of all the choices and consequences of your actions in Tavern Talk. But make sure to look away if you don’t want any spoilers.


Act 1


A Werewolf On Detours

Quest: Fable

A reticent vukakin passed by the Wayfarer’s Inn, reporting a werewolf making their way up to Tregaryn from Erovàh. They pose a potential threat to both helpless sheep and the villagers. Apparently, werewolves love playing fetch. Are you brave enough totake on this quest and save Tregaryn from this werewolf mayhem?

Boost Dexterity to help shoot arrowsSwift StrikeFable will succeed but with some unintended consequences – and injuries to a familiar face.

He will gift you a stick.
Take Aim! 
Boost Charisma in case it’s a misunderstandingSpoken HeartFable will solve a long-term feud and make some new connections along the way.Diplomacy Is Key

Hey There, Evelynn!

Quest: Zephir

On a mild summer morning a Vampire came to look for his cape of invisibility at the Wayfarer’s Inn. After steady questioning, the Innkeeper uncovered that he Iost his cape at his wedding where his ex-wife, Countess Evelynn, stole it from him. She resides at the foot of the Witch’s Wrath Peak. Venture to the peak, and dare toretrieve the long Iost cape. But be aware, she might be invisible!

Strength with Ice ShieldSouthern Brawler with the Frozen Pinecone InfusionZephir will succesfully battle the hoards at Marrow Castle and gets the cape. But returns with some scars from the experience.

He gives you a Ceremonial Dagger trinket.

[This choice will negatively impact Kyle’s story in the final battle]
Steal the CapeSwift Strike and Fae CrystalsZephir will be able to pass through Marrow Castle without a trace and successfully retrieves the cape and escapes.

He gives you a Bat-Shaped Clock trinket.

Until Sunrise

Quest: Caerlin

Deep in the Quag Mangrove resides a Wyvern Chimera. Its scales and claws are valuable treasures to any alchemist, and its saliva is even more so. As it happens, a certain vampire may be able to use this rare saliva to produce a sunscreen so effective that even he could walk in broad daylight. Is there any adventurer (or mouse!) brave enough to confront the beast (the Chimera, not the vampire) and bring back a bucket of saliva?

Boost Defence with Fire-resistanceFrozen Lagoon with Phoenix Chills InfusionCaerlin defeats the chimera but returns a bit conflicted about her victoryThe Beast
Boost IntelligenceSparkling NebulaCaerlin outsmarts the chimera – without the need to kill it. She seems the most satisfied with this outcome.Puppet Master

Act 2


Twinkle, Twinkle – Deadly Stars

Quest: Eleithyia

The beautiful yet disastrous star fall left Zenyth in shambles. The city and surrounding farmlands are destroyed, and some people are left homeless. A mere meteor shower wouldn’t leave the entire night sky empty. So what exactly happened? Is it a harbinger of something more ominous yet to come? Whatever it may be, it’s said that a fragment of this calamity can be traced back to Dalwell, an island in the south of Phesoa.

Serve Intelligence Boost with Honey FlowersSparkling NebulaEleithyia returns with a solid lead and a new friend. As well as a nice story about communicating with astral whales. Gently Giant
Defense Boost with Fireproof InfusionFrosted LagoonEleithyia returns with a new friend but the friend will arrive sad due to the choices they had to make along the way. They secure the lead at a great cost. Beauty & Sadness

A Scandal in Zoford

Quest: Melli, accompanied by Zephir / Malachite / Blaze

The lively port city of Zoford is known not only for its docks but also for its large community of mages. Lately, there seems to be something mysterious going on there. The familiars of several Archmages have gone missing and are nowhere to be found — but it’s a big city, there must be someone who knows something. Could their disappearance be related to the tale of the sea witch who cursed Zoford’s docks?

Dexterity + Haste + CharmisaSailor’s DelightMelli and her friend manage to think their way out of their problems and solve the mystery.

They will bring you back a new recipe as well as a new familiar.
Case Closed
Dexterity + Strength + Porcupine ChilisSwift StrikeThey will end up battling and killing a wizard. The mystery is still solved but with a less happyu ending.

They will bring you back a new dragon familiar.
Cold Case

The Lagoon of Tranquility

Quest: Zephir and Fable (they’ll go together regardless of what you choose)

The Mari-Morgan (known for her passion for drowning trespassers) and the Banshee (singer of bone-shattering songs in the Lonesome Lagoon) are two terrifying creatures… in love. But because of a mysterious dispute, their relationship is on the line, and their best friend – the swamp witch Baya – would do anything to keep her friend group from shattering. Couples counselor sorely needed.

Charisma and Thunder SageSunny BreezeThe duo gains additional dexterity and charm. Allowing them to navigate their conversation with the banshee and Mari-Morgan with care, finishing early enough to bake a cheesecake together. The couple reunites, and some new love may bloom between our heroes. A Lullaby
Intelligence and Fae CrystalsSparkling NebulaKumo and Fable hatch a plan to force the Banshee and Mari-Morgan to talk. They talk, but their reunion remains uncertain. Fable and Kumo still seem to bond a bit, but their love story is much less developed with this choice.Camoflodge

Raiders of the Lost Archive

Quest: Eleithyia and Clay

The lost maihdan Everbloom Archives are said to offer infinite knowledge to anyone with unanswered questions. Its ruins lie deep within the Gravelmack, a dangerous and lifeless mountain range that even seasoned adventurers try to avoid. If that wasn’t enough, the mountains are also said to be haunted by nightmarish bleak stalkers. Let’s just hope they don’t find abandoned archives cozy and inviting.

Charisma + Inspiration + DefenseFirst SnowWith additional Charisma Clay recruits some unexpected guides through the archives. Along with their new friends, they find the information they seek.

They will bring you a new recipe.
Ever Blooming
Strength + CitrinEleithyia and Clay battle their way into the archives. While they gain the information they seek, Clay isn’t able to befriend the bleak stalkers.

They will bring you a new recipe.

[The Bleak Stalkers will not join you in this run which will reduce your chance of saving the world at the end]

Fatal Company

Quest: Caerlin and Rhea

Political tension ensued when the canal bridge, connecting Diria to the mainland, collapsed – especially because spinel rhinos can’t exactly be held responsible. The ambassador tasked with solving this mess is a young noble, and his worried best friend insists he is still in dire need of a new personal guard – especially since the roads are unsafe for travelers lately. If those “travelers” are cattle, anyway.

Defense + Strength + CitrinSteel TonicThe crew manages to fend off the zombie horde, allowing Archie and Theo to survive.Hero’s Tale
Charisma + Evasion + SpeedPeak’s SunriseUnfortunately the man they were mant to accompany doesn’t survive. Distract and Run!

Act 3


The Vegan Dead

Quest: Caerlin and Skully

The Pale Woods and its surrounding areas have been plagued by undead lately. First undead snails scvavenging crops, then humanoid cadavers gnawing away at the forest itself – the local plants can’t catch a break. No one knowns why they suddenly hunger for the local flora. Some brave adventurers, preferably experienced with the exanimate, should look into this.

Charisma + Defense, With Frost ArmorSpoken HeartThey will try and reason with the mindless hoard. It kind of works but in the end the zombies will still march on.

You’ll get some Ghost Berries out of this though.
Dexterity + Defense, With Lotus FlowerSwift StrikeThye battle against the undead. But the necromancer will just summon more to take their place. You don’t achieve anything with this option.

You’ll get some Ghost Berries out of this though.
Burn Out

Mission: Magically Impossible

Quest: Iniko, Hex and Voy

The Wizard of Moriya has abandoned his tower on, well, Morlya, a small island near Niverduff and Dalwell. As is custom for a wizard’s tower, it’s said to be full of alluring treasures: gold, magic items, forbidden knowledge and spells, anything your looting heart desires. But be warned, the wizard is known to have loved puzzles, mischief, and contraptions. So don’t forget to check for traps.

Intelligence + DexterityPeak’s SunriseThe trio will be able to solve the tower’s puzzels. . Hex will get some goodies to study, and Iniko and Voy will become fast friends from creative problem-solving.From Rags to Riches
Strength + Fire ResistanceSailor’s Courage with Pheonix ChilisThe trio blow up the tower. They’ll manage to salvage a few spell scrolls… but this is ultimately the wrong choice.Boom!

The Parent Trap

Quest: Jade

The Twilight Flood brought more to Phesoa than just the waters of the Primordial Sea. In particular, two long-lost air echoes who had faked their own death and abandoned by their only child. Now, their kid is out for revenge and longs to have them killed – as the fate of tragic backstories wills it. These renegade parents were last seen in Borkam near the Wadden Sea, so any bounty hunter should probably start there.

Strength + Defense with Frost ArmorSailor’s CourageGive Jade the defense to withstand a fight. There won’t be too much of a reconciliation with this choice however.Katharsis
Charisma + Speed with Honey FlowerSunny BreezeJade will try and talk her way through this quest. Some careful lying gets her in proximity to our mysterious Rogue’s parents. She’ll offer him the choice, and he’ll get to confront his long-lost parents.Katallage

Heir of Dragon Fire

Quest: Rhea, Caerlin, Hex, Baya (maybe Kyle)

Only a weapon forged in Dragon fire could ever dream to hold up against the legendary Greataxe of Ur. Luckily, a temple in the Highlands houses, the Ever-Burning Flame – an ancient gift from the Dragons that’ll come in handy right about now. And what better sword to reshape with this flame, than another gift from the Real Keepers: an heirloom passed down to Caerlin with heroism scorched into its very essence.

Strength + Dexterity with Fire ResistanceLast Whisper with Pheonix ChilisThe crew will fight their way into the tower that houses the Dragon Fire. But the flood has extinguished it, and they returned unsuccessful, though alive.Lights Out
Intelligence + Charisma with InvisibilityPeak’s SunriseThe party enter the tower stealthy and learn about the fire’s fate. No combat. They will still return unsuccesful. Guivre

The Twilight Chase

Quest: Eleithyia and Allies

World Calamity is imminent! But, there is one last way to save it. The only weapon strong enough to harm Tuat and the Aether Tree is the legendary Greataxe of Ur – and the personification of evil wants it desperately. But first, he must make it through the Twilight Chasm, and for that, he needs a portal. Sounds like a good location to stop him, right? [Note: As before both choices result in failing the quest].

Dexterity + DefenseLast WhisperThey will do their best to fight but it won’t prevent the Big Band from achieving his goal. We’ll also lose a friend along the way. Last Dawn
Defense + DexterityLast WhisperYou still won’t be able to prevent the big bad and you’ll still lose one of your friends. First Star

The Dead Parade

Quest: Neil

A horde of undead is approaching the capital! Their insatiable hunger for the local flora leads them to the exposed roots of the Aether Tree… and therefore to the capital of Thermis, since it lies nestled in the safety of the roots. This is a mere distraction so the necromancer can fulfill his true plan, but the undead still must be stopped before they hunger for flesh once more.

Dexterity + IntelligenceLast WhisperWe were unable to convince the government to evacuate the city. But eventually they manage to get everyone out. Army of Friendship
Charisma + DefenseSpoken HeartYou’re able to evacuate the city easily and get everyone to safety. Joint Forces

Flight of Hopes and Dreams

Quest: Fable

All might seem lost, but the fight is not over yet. Quasar can still be stopped at the Aperture. He’s in the possession of a Draconic weapon – but so are we. Thanks to Fable, and their newly obtained Dragon Fire, we were able to forge a weapon to withstand his evil powers.

The outcome of the final battle in Tavern Talk is dependent on all the choices that you’ve made over the game rather than thedrink.


Tavern Talk

A cozy visual novel about running a tavern in a D&D-inspired fantasy! Gather rumors, serve magical drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest.

Out now on PC – Steam.


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