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SunnySide – Male Romance Guide

SunnySide is the latest farming and life sim game that takes place in the idyllic Japanese countryside. As a recently minted country girl, you’ve come from the big city to have a land of your very own. Build a thriving homestead, cultivate new relationships, and chase your happiness in SunnySide. As someone who doesn’t know much about farming, you’re going to have to rely on your new relationships to get you by. In this small town, neighbours will eventually become friends and in your case maybe even something more.

Your brand-new town has a bevvy of hotties for you to befriend and romance. There are 25 romanceable residents you can choose to be friends with and eventually date. At the beginning of the game, you choose your gender, which may affect who you can date in the game. In this guide, we’ll go through the male romance candidates that you can date in SunnySide.


How To Start Dating

To start making friends with the people in SunnySide you’ll need to talk to them daily, help them out with chores and give them gifts that they like. And once your friendship has progressed you’ll be able to invite them on Hangouts with you.

Romantic relationship points are separate from your friendship with the characters in SunnySide, but you’ll need to improve that to a certain point before you can begin a romantic relationship. If you choose to confess your feelings to someone and they accept, you can officially start dating them. This will also give you the option to ask them on dates, hangouts and will trigger romance events.

Initially, you will still be free to go on dates with any other residents you have confessed to, but at a certain point, you will have to choose if you want to date someone exclusively.


Allen Ritz

Allen grew up on the East Coast of the United States, but beyond that and his love for running, no one in SunnySide knows anything about him. He showed up in a town about a year ago and can often be seen running trails around the neighbouring countryside, but Josh Newcomb seems to be the only one he ever talks to. He’s nice enough, sometimes even overly humble, and the women in town certainly love him, but other than that, he’s a complete mystery.

Birthday27 Winter
Place of BirthUSA
HobbiesRunning, hiking, exploring, reading, and hanging out at Josh’s
Favourite FoodSushi, Burger

Fuyukaze Obeng

Fuyukaze was born and raised in New Jersey in the United States and didn’t move to Japan until he was about 10. It took him some time to adjust to the new schools and new people, and even longer to learn Japanese. Fuyu was never really popular, nor was he exactly an outcast, but he just kind of always floated in the middle of the school’s social hierarchy. He’s never been super passionate about anything either, but he does enjoy music (a gift he shares with his mother) and hopes that it will be enough to carve out a simple and happy life in SunnySide. Fuyukaze is Stephanie Obeng’s older brother.

Birthday5 Winter
Place of BirthNew Jersey, USA
HobbiesGaming, watching TV, reading manga, and mixing music
Favourite FoodShrimp

Gabriel Reed

Gabriel was born and raised in Washington in the US and moved to Japan in his teens with his father who was chasing a lucrative rugby career. A few years after their move, a horrible earthquake claimed his father’s life and left Gabe stranded in a country far from home. Unsure what to do with himself, Gabe spent a few years on the streets before being taken in by a small family with some questionable affiliations. Many years and a very bumpy road later, Gabe turned up in SunnySide with a young daughter and purchased some land to raise cattle and other animals.

Birthday25 Spring
OccupationOwns Riverside Ranch
Place of BirthWashington, USA
HobbiesWatching rugby and futbol matches, riding horses and woodcraft
Favourite FoodHamburger, Soba, Mochi, Watermelon

Hideyo Yamaguchi

Though his family can trace their roots to the founding of SunnySide, Hideyo didn’t actually grow up there himself and only moved to town after his grandparents, long-time family owners of the SunnySide Postal office since the town was first established during the Edo Period, sadly passed away. Hideyo’s mother had left SunnySide when she was young and had no interest in continuing the family post, so she left it to her son.

Birthday9 Summer
OccupationRuns the Post Office
HobbiesPoker, online shopping, reading the paper and staying current on politics
Favourite FoodFresh strawberries, snap peas, high end free trade coffee

Hiro Iwasaki

No one knows much about Hiro’s life before he came to SunnySide. But 7 years ago he came to work in the tech shop that was owned by Sako’s husband, Kouji. When Kouji passed away about a year ago, Sako asked Hiro to take over ownership, as the two of them never had any children. Hiro dove head first into the new responsibility, and has slowly grown more active in the affairs of SunnySide ever since, determined to make the store, now named Tech Hero, more successful than ever. It’s unknown what gives Hiro so much drive to succeed, and most of the town is convinced he doesn’t sleep.

Birthday6 Autumn
OccupationOwns Tech Hero
HobbiesComputers, keyboards, robotics, and creating new phone apps.
Favourite FoodMilk bread, Onigiri, Bento boxes

Josh Newcomb

No one remembers how long Josh has been in SunnySide, and ever since he took over ownership of the bar on Main Street, he’s always just kind of moulded himself into the landscape of the town. He’s a gentleman and a bit of a free spirit who believes in trying everything at least once, always talking about how much life has to offer if you just give things a chance. He doesn’t talk much about himself, though, opting instead to always be an ear for anyone who needs a good venting session, and he’s always careful to make sure everyone makes it home safe. He has a slight limp, but no one really knows how he got it, and anyone who bothers to ask will always get a different story.

Birthday15 Spring
OccupationOwns the Bar
HobbiesPlaying guitar, Creating new drinks
Favourite FoodPizza

Kyle Sylvester

Kyle owns and operates the town’s auto shop as well as the Bait & Tackle shop where you can purchase fishing supplies. He was born and raised in the Caribbean and had a rather difficult and violent upbringing, but was able to find peace and comfort on his grandparent’s farm as often as he could. A bit of a social outcast, he spent his time picking up new hobbies and skills, hoping that being useful to people would make them more accepting of him. When he was 20, Kyle decided to try his hand at a life where no one knew him and he could get a fresh start, so he decided to travel the world a bit before finally settling in SunnySide. He’s been here for about 5 years now, but he still can’t seem to make friends, often meaning well but still somehow always doing the wrong thing.

Birthday17 Autumn
OccupationRuns the Autoshop and the Bait & Tackle Shop
Place of BirthThe Carribean
HobbiesFishing, Gaming, Fixing things
Favourite FoodStewed Peas, Tea

Parsa Watanabe

Parsa is a year younger than his sister, Anahita Watanabe. His father, Sota, is Japanese, and his mother, Shadi, immigrated to SunnySide from Iran.

Despite high athletic achievements in every sport he touched, Parsa never excelled academically like his sister and had a bit of a falling out with his parents as a teenager. He ran away from home at the age of 14, determined to find his own way in life away from the pressures of his family. He spent this time discovering himself, visiting his mother’s homeland, and picking up various martial arts around the world. Eventually, he realized that his calling was back at home so he returned to his incredibly relieved mother and resentful father. He has been living and working with them for the last 4 years while he saves money to open his own dojo to teach his unique style of martial arts.

Birthday11 Spring
OccupationWorks at the Garden Center
HobbiesZurkhaneh weight training, practising his Katas, listening to loud music and watching action movies
Favourite FoodMeat, Protein Shakes, Miso Soup

Ryan Mezacoo

Born and raised in Virginia in the United States, Ryan has been interested in photography for as long as he can remember. For him, it was always easier to interact with the world through a lens rather than directly, and social conventions like dating have always confused him. After completing a master’s degree in photography in the US, Ryan decided he wanted to see the world, so he hopped from university to university in his early 20s, working as an adjunct professor in cities that interested him. He came to SunnySide about 5 years ago and never found a reason to leave.

Birthday1 Winter
OccupationProfessor at the University
Place of BirthVirginia, USA
HobbiesRunning his Urbex Instagram, exploring abandoned buildings, collecting vinyl
Favourite FoodGreen tea ice cream

Ryozo Hara

The local research centre run by the University went mostly unused until Ryozo started making inquiries into facilities he could use to further his research in botany and entomology. Ryozo cares deeply for the planet and its longevity, so he has dedicated his life to protecting it in his own special way: by creating eco-friendly weed and pest management systems that protect biodiversity.

Birthday26 Autumn
OccupationHead Researcher at the Research Center
HobbiesReading, learning to cook, hiking
Favourite FoodMilk bread, Bacon, Tempura

Sebastian Nakamura

Sebastian is the son of Hina Nakamura. He is one of the few younger members of SunnySide who was actually born and raised in town. He had a fairly happy childhood from what he can remember and has always aspired to become a writer someday, even going so far as to chase his dreams at a University in Tokyo with a very prestigious writing program. He left those dreams behind just before his second year, however, when his mother was diagnosed with scleroderma, a disease that severely impacted her business and marriage. Now 20, Seb is doing his best to help keep his mother’s restaurant open, though her strong personality and his aloof nature don’t always mix so well.

Birthday10 Summer
OccupationRuns the Cafe
Place of BirthSunnySide
HobbiesWriting poetry and haiku, brewing and studying coffee
Favourite FoodCoffee, Mango, Yuzu, Lime

Yumma Shibata

Yumma moved to SunnySide about 20 years ago to take over the small grain mill that had been passed through his family for generations. Though he didn’t grow up in SunnySide, he was one of the last remaining Shibata descendants and didn’t have many other prospects in life. Since then, Yumma has made a very happy life for himself, and could never dream of leaving, especially now that Zander Wyatt is working with him. In general, Yumma is a bit of a jokester and clown and often helps Mayumi pull off various pranks on her students. He’s always happy and charming, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in town who doesn’t consider him a good friend.

OccupationOwns the Grain Mill
HobbiesCollecting records
Favourite FoodFresh baked bread with homemade jam and butter

Zander Wyatt

A former member of the United States Navy, Zander moved to SunnySide when his parents died suddenly in a car accident just weeks after his contract ended. Completely lost and unsure of what to do with his life, Zander decided to travel the Japanese countryside on his own for a while. During that time, he stumbled upon SunnySide and simply never left. He now works with Yumma at the mill near the lake and has settled in quite nicely over the last year. He’s a bit intimidating looking, so most of the residents give him lots of space, which he doesn’t mind at all.

Birthday2 Autumn
OccupationWorks at the Grain Mill
Place of BirthUSA
HobbiesScuba Diving
Favourite FoodMacaroni, Cheese, Salmon


Find harmony in the Japanese countryside as you help Sparky uncover lost memories in this modern take on the farming and life simulator. Build a thriving homestead, cultivate new relationships, and chase your own happiness in SunnySide.