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SunnySide – Female Romance Guide

SunnySide is a farming and life sim in the Japanese countryside to see and do. And one of the main things you’re going to start is to figure out your romance options! The town boasts a vibrant cast of 25 datable residents waiting to befriend and potentially sweep you off your feet. This guide delves into the exciting world of SunnySide‘s bachelorettes, and we’ll help you with everything you need to know on the path to love and a fulfilling rural life.


How To Start Dating

To start making friends with the people in SunnySide you’ll need to talk to them daily, help them out with chores and give them gifts that they like. And once your friendship has progressed you’ll be able to invite them on Hangouts with you.

Romantic relationship points are separate from your friendship with the characters in SunnySide, but you’ll need to improve that to a certain point before you can begin a romantic relationship. If you choose to confess your feelings to someone and they accept, you can officially start dating them. This will also give you the option to ask them on dates, hangouts and will trigger romance events.

Initially, you will still be free to go on dates with any other residents you have confessed to, but at a certain point, you will have to choose if you want to date someone exclusively.


Anahita Watanabe

Anahita, like her younger brother Parsa Watanabe, was born and raised in SunnySide. Her father, Sota, is Japanese, and her mother, Shadi, immigrated to SunnySide from Iran.

Naturally intelligent, she’s had no problem living up to the lofty expectations set by her parents, even going so far as to graduate from high school and university each a year early. She now works as a research assistant at the University’s botany research centre in SunnySide. Though she doesn’t care much for the subject matter, she does enjoy the challenge. Despite her success, however, her traditional mother still won’t seem satisfied until Anahita finds herself a suitable husband.

Birthday1 Summer
OccupationResearch Assistant
Place of BirthSunnySide
HobbiesListening to podcasts, sudoku, patteh embroidery
Favourite FoodSour Candy, Sebastian’s Coffee

Blake Ortiz

Blake grew up in California in the United States. She is one of Hanako’s very few friends. The two met when Hanako spent a year studying abroad as a teen, and they became fast and firm friends. Blake moved to Japan after high school so they could go to med school together. They are now completing their medical residency together under Mayumi’s watchful eye.

Blake is very quiet and sweet and tends to avoid confrontation. She’s determined to become an incredible doctor someday, but once she meets her goal of getting to Japan, she starts realizing that dreams aren’t always what you expect them to be.

Birthday9 Spring
OccupationMedical Resident at SunnySide Clinic
Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
HobbiesWatching Mexican soap operas, growing succulents, geocaching
Favourite FoodHer mother’s sweet tamales with homemade horchata, Fried Rice

Hanako Ishikawa

Hanako is the youngest granddaughter of Kazuki and Chiyo. She came to SunnySide about a year ago to work through her medical residency with Blake at Mayumi’s clinic, and she’s not entirely thrilled about it. No one is really sure why she chose to study in SunnySide when she could have picked any clinic or hospital in the city.

Birthday18 Winter
OccupationMedical Resident at SunnySide Clinic
Place of BirthSunnySide
HobbiesSocial media, going to the city, shopping
Favourite FoodTaiyaki, takoyaki, yatai 

Kaida Amaya

Despite having lived in SunnySide for about 3 years now, Kaida still remains a bit of a mystery to the people of SunnySide. She was raised at one of the largest and most well-known Shinto shrines in Tokyo and moved to SunnySide on a whim not long after her father passed away, much to the surprise of her Kannushi mother. She performs her duties at SunnySide’s shrine dutifully, and can often be seen wandering around town and interacting with residents, though she never seems to make any effort to form friendships.

Birthday15 Autumn
HobbiesArchery, reading and learning, people watching
Favourite FoodChocolate cake, rice pudding, congee

Katherine Takahashi

Kat was born in SunnySide, along with her sister, Natalie. They both spent their childhood living in the Takahashi family home, but their parents moved the family to the city when the SunnySide Elementary School shut down. Kat is now 19 and living in the Takahashi home again with her sister while they both attend University in the city. Against her parent’s wishes, Kat is chasing a fine art degree, with lofty dreams of becoming a famous artist one day. Because of this, you can often find her wandering around SunnySide with a sketch pad, looking for her next inspiration.

Birthday12 Summer
OccupationUniversity Student
Place of BirthSunnySide
HobbiesPainting, long walks, visiting museums
Favourite FoodFlavoured lattes, strawberries, and super spicy ramen.

Lucy Reed

Lucy wasn’t born in SunnySide, but it’s all she’s ever really known or remembers. Like her father, she doesn’t care much for loud noises or exciting environments and often feels a bit overwhelmed by all the noise of the world. She prefers, however, to experience life through the protective lens of the old-school camera gifted to her by Ryan Mezacoo all those years ago. Now 19, Lucy is struggling to decide what she’s going to do with the rest of her life. To avoid the problem, she mostly spends her days with her friends or wandering around SunnySide taking photos of whatever captures her eye.

Birthday20 Winter
OccupationUniversity Student
Favourite FoodNoodles, Potato Chips

Mayumi Okada

Mayumi is the only daughter of older parents and moved to SunnySide 6 years ago. As the town’s lead physician, she recently decided to take on a couple of medical residents from the university and feels that it’s her responsibility to make sure they have an authentic student experience. She is dedicated to her work, strong-willed, and painfully honest. She believes in maintaining a balance between mind and body, often speaks very decisively, and is a welcome and highly respected addition to SunnySide.

Birthday20 Spring
HobbiesYoga, Running, playing practical jokes
Favourite FoodChocolate, protein shakes, and nattō

Melody Barrett

Originally hailing from London, Melody moved to Japan on a whim with her boyfriend about 10 years ago. Many life lessons, a breakup, lots of hard work, citizenship, and one beautician certification later, Melody finally landed in SunnySide 8 years ago and never looked back. Never one to shy away from a good story, Melody will happily tell you all about her life over a glass of wine and some pastries, though she may embellish a bit.

Birthday16 Summer
OccupationHair Stylist
Place of BirthLondon, England
HobbiesRomance novels, Mexican Soap Operas, Reality TV, Yoga
Favourite FoodFish and chips, curry, pickles

Natalie Takahashi

Natalie was born and raised in SunnySide. When she was 10 years old, SunnySide Elementary School closed down and her family moved to the city. Now 21, Natalie has moved back to her ancestral family in SunnySide home following the death of her grandparents. She is in her last year of university and pursuing a degree in journalism. She has always loved writing, and studying journalism was the most respectable way she could chase her dreams while still pleasing her parents.

Birthday22 Winter
OccupationUniversity Student
Place of BirthSunnySide
HobbiesShe’s too busy for hobbies
Favourite FoodHealthy, simple meals, rice with egg, salads, tea

Stephanie Obeng

Stephanie is Fuyukaze’s younger sister and moved to Japan with her family when she was about 9. The move wasn’t easy for Stephanie, and she was teased quite a bit for looking different, but her Japanese roots and natural charisma helped her adapt to the language and culture fairly quickly. She decided very early on to always stay true to herself, and she’s never looked back. Lately, however, Stephanie has been feeling a bit lost in life. Currently pursuing a business degree, she’s not sure what she wants “to be when she grows up” and for now is happy just being herself until inspiration strikes.

Birthday24 Summer
OccupationUniversity Business Student
Place of BirthNew Jersey, USA
HobbiesSoccer, Knife Throwing, Running
Favourite FoodJollof Rice

Yukio Yamaguchi

A true extrovert, Yukio is always bouncing around and looking for ways to use up her energy. She’s not a native to SunnySide, having only moved to town about 12 years ago when she married into the Yamaguchi family. Though the marriage didn’t quite work out, Yukio still works with her ex-husband, Hideyo, at the post office that has been run by his family since SunnySide was first founded over 300 years ago. However, that doesn’t always go so well… But don’t let her appearance fool you; Yukio is a direct, honest, and indulgent woman with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue.

Birthday23 Autumn
OccupationWorks at Post Office
HobbiesPlaying videogames, Reading manga, Hanging out at Josh’s Bar
Favourite FoodSnack Food, Pizza, Pocky

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