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Palia – The Complete Romance Guide

Palia is an online cozy multiplayer RPG that brings you everything you love about life and farming sims like Stardew Valley in a beautiful fantasy world. In Palia you’re able to explore the bright and vibrant land of Kilima and spend your days uncovering mysteries, fishing by the stream, catching bugs and decorating your dreamy home. The world itself is populated with friendly villagers who will help you in your quests and level up your skills.

Making friends with the people in the village is essential to progressing your skills and you’ll need their help to complete quests as well. So whenever you see a villager make sure to say hi and maybe even give them one of their favourite gifts. If your friendship level gets high enough, some of that friendship can even turn into romance! There are currently nine romanceable characters in Palia that you to fall in love with.

Romancing characters provides you with a deeper insight into their backstory, their day-to-day activities, their personality, and unlocks a second series of quests with them. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to romance a villager, all about flirting and pins, as well as the romance quests you’ll unlock.


How To Romance Someone

Any good romance begins with a good friendship so you’ll need to reach at least friendship level 3 (some require 4) before you can start putting the moves on any of the Palia villagers. In order to raise friendship levels, simply talk to the residents and give them gifts that they like or love. Gifts can be given once a day, but you can talk to someone more than once a day for extra friendship points. Do note however that Friendship points can only be earned once per real-world hour, so you don’t need to talk to them more than once an hour for points.

Along with liked and loved gifts, each villager will have up to four Weekly Wants. These change each real-world week and can earn you a bigger boost in friendship when fulfilled. (Weekly Wants refresh at the start of the week at 12 AM EST). Think of them as priority gifts to give first. You can only give a villager one gift per real-world day, so I’d save them for your favourite hottie.


Raising Romance

Once you’ve reached Friendship level 3 (level 4 for some characters), you’ll be able to make your affection known by giving your potential romance candidate a Box of Chocolates. Once you give someone a box of chocolates, you’re able to flirt with them, in addition to talking to them. But, the same rules apply here where the romance points you achieve from flirting will be limited to once per real-world hour. You can give a character a Box of Chocolates only once a week (real-time). A Box of Chocolates can be bought from the General Store for 200 gold.

Another gift that will raise romance is Heartdrop Lilies. This can be done once per week (real-time) as well. Heartdrop Lilies are a rare forageable that you can find at Bahari Bay, near the mountains during either day or night hours.


Romance More Than One?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Palia, but yes you can romance more than one villager. After raising a villager to romance level 3 and completing their level 3 romance quest, they will gift you a unique Villager Pin. You can collect all these pins, but can only wear two pins at once. Essentially this means you can only officially be “dating” two people.

Wearing a Villager Pin essentially registers your romantic interest with the associated NPC. Other villagers will react to your pins with unique dialogue to acknowledge this. Additionally, you will earn a buff to relationship points whilst wearing a villager’s pin.

You can swap out pins and pursue multiple romances. As of writing, there is no backlash for doing so. Additionally, if you’re playing with friends online, romance is treated on an individual basis. This means players can romance the same NPC if they wish.


Romance Quests

Once your relationship with someone has reached a new level, romance level 2 to be precise, you’ll be able to receive romance quests from them. Each romance quest is unique to the individual and will give you more insight about them and their lives and personalities. Complete these romance quests to get a romance level boost, similar to completing a friendship quest.


The Romance Candidates



A kind and thoughtful Galdur, Einar is also the village’s fishing expert. He can be found at his fishing hut and is more than happy to spread the love of his craft to others.

Schedule3 30 PM – 12 AM: Fisherman’s Lagoon
12 45 AM: Sleeping in his cave (access lvl 3)
Liked GiftsAny Fish, Any Vegetable, Any Shiny Pebble, Fished up items

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Go FishSpend time enjoying your “mutual Oneness” with Einar.Catch 10x Fish+Einar RP
+25 Renown
3The Gift of GivingEinar does not seem to understand the purpose of gifts. Teach him how to be a better gift giver by example.Give 10 Weekly WantsEinar’s Pin
+Einar RP
+30 Renown
4What is Love?In order to help Einar better understand love, ask around to see what various villagers think is romantic.1. Talk to 4 villagers about love.
2. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Einar. (1x Iron Bar, 1x Minor Rod Health Booster, 1x Prism Trout)
Einar’s Portrait
+35 Renown


The son of Sifuu and a quiet hunter. Hassian spends most of his time in the wilderness of Kilima, hunting game and spending time with his faithful companion, Tau.

Schedule3 AM: The pond in Hideaway Bluffs
8 AM: Kilima Valley
3 PM: Porch behind Tavern
5 PM: Tavern
7 PM: Hassian’s Grove
Liked GiftsAny Arrow, Any Firework, Any Fish, Any Savory Dish

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Proper CourtshipHassian’s asked you to give him another chance, and to meet him tonight under the stars. Speak to Hassian in his grove from 10pm-3am.1. Meet and talk to Hassian
2. Talk to Chayne about Hassian
3. Find the book on Majiri courtship in the library
4. Look for the Midnight Lily
5. Give the Lily to Hassian
+Hassian RP
+25 Renown
1x Heartdrop Lily

(if >lvl 4 friendship with Sifuu)
Befriending the BlacksmithChayne’s informed you that if you want to further your relationship with Hassian, you’ll have to make friends with his mother.Reach Friendship level 4 with Sifuu.1x Heartdrop Lily
+Hassian RP
3Written In The StarsSifuu wants to meet with you to discuss your relationship with her son.1. Find the Old Star Charts around Sifuu’s house
2. Make Hassian a new telescope (1x Copper Bar, 1x Glass Pane, 1x Silver Ore)
3. Give the telescope to Hassian
4. Talk to Hassian at night
Hassian’s Pin
+Hassian RP
+30 Renown
3x Proudhorned Sernuk Antlers
4CommitmentTamala has invited you to tea. There’s no way this could go wrong, right?1. Talk to Tamala
2. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Hassian. (1x Copper Bar, 1x Standard Arrow, 1x Prism Trout)
Hassian’s Portrait
+35 Renown


The father of Najuma and the leader of the Mining Guild. Hodari can be found coming into town occasionally, or by the mines in Bahari Bay. He works hard to be a good father for his daughter.

Schedule4 AM: At Home
10 AM: Kilima Valley
2 PM: Bahari Bay
8 PM: Near Home
11 PM: Goes to sleep
Liked GiftsAny Fertilizer, Any Seed, Any pickled food

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards

(Option #1)
Soup for SnifflesPrepare dinner for Najuma and Hodari so that he can take it easy tonight and recover.1. Speak with Hodari, who will give you two options for starting his level 2 quest. Choose Option #1.
2. Deliver 2x bowls of Sernuk Noodle Stew to Najuma and Hodari (1x Sernuk Meat, 1x Spice Sprouts, 1x Wheat, 1x Onion, 1x Carrot)
3. Check back with Hodari the next day
+Hodari RP
+25 Renown
1x Heart-Shaped Quiche

(Option #2)
Befriending the BlacksmithChayne’s informed you that if you want to further your relationship with Hassian, you’ll have to make friends with his mother.1. Speak with Hodari, who will give you two options for starting his level 2 quest. Choose Option #2.
2. Speak to Tamala (2x Heat Root, 1x Wild Garlic, 1x Energized Piranha)
3. Deliver the medicine to Hodari
4. Check back with Hodari the next day
+Hodari RP
+25 Renown
1x Heart-Shaped Quiche
3Business and LeisureHodari has invited you to come visit him while he’s on the job, hoping to work a little bit of quality time in. Meet him inside the Temple of the Waves.Forage 4x Mountain Morel inside the Temple
Fish 2x Umbran Carp inside the Temple
+Hodari RP
+30 Renown
4x Dari Cloves / 1x Blue Marlin
4Pin For PinNajuma has informed you that Hodari is making a pin for you, and she thinks it would be a great idea if you surprised him with one of your own! Head over to Sifuu to get started.1. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Hodari. (1x Iron Bar, 1x Palium Ore, 1x Prism Trout)Hodari’s Pin
Hodari’s Portrait
+35 Renown


The village’s fashion icon. He has an eye for all things cosmetic and clothing. He can be found in his shop, and often hangs around Tish, a close friend who models for him on occasion.

Schedule9 AM: Tailor’s Shop
12 PM: Fisherman’s Lagoon
1 PM: Mayor’s Estate
4 PM: Fisherman’s Lagoon
6 PM: Tailor’s Shop
7 PM: Goes to sleep
Liked GiftsFabric, Leather, Silk, Rare Bugs and Fish

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2The BluesJel has been feeling out of sorts lately. See how you can help.Give to Reth (1x Golden Salmon, 1x Potato, 1x Wild Garlic)+Jel RP
+25 Renown
1x Ravenwood Mirror
3Beauty in Unexpected PlacesJel thinks all of this stress gave him a wrinkle. He wants you to take a look at it for him.Give to Sifuu (1x Silver Bar, 1x Shell, 1x Green Pearl)Jel’s Pin
+Jel RP
+30 Renown
4Brewing AffectionsJel’s got tea to spill, and he wants you to be the first to hear it.1. Talk to Tish
2. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Jel. (1x Silver Bar, 1x Scintillating Centipede, 1x Prism Trout)
Jel’s Portrait
+35 Renown


Our resident researcher! Jina can usually be found in the ruins or in the library. She loves researching the history of Palia, and is working to unravel the mysteries of the past.

Schedule3 AM: At the locked ruins
12 PM: Night Sky Temple
3 PM: Library
11 PM: Goes to sleep in Hekla’s Tent
Liked GiftsAny Mushroom

Romance Quests

(Required Lvl 4 Friendship with Jina)

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Let’s Have a PicnicJina wants to spend some quality time together. Make a picnic filled with some of her favorite foods.Give Jina (6x Grilled Oysters, 2x Cream of Mushroom Soup, 1x Blueberry Pie)+Jina RP
+25 Renown
1x Potted Briar Daisies
3Sweet NothingsMeet up with Jina in the ancient library so she can show you the poetry book she found.Meet up with JinaJina’s Pin
+Jina RP
+30 Renown
1x Blueberry Pie
4Little SproutsHelp get Hekla into gardening, so you can spend some alone time with Jina.1. Give Hekla (1x Blueberry Bush Seed, 1x Apple Tree Seed, 1x Carrot Seed, 1x Onion Seed, 1x Potato Seed)
2. Wait to hear back from Hekla and Jina
3. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Jina.
Jina’s Portrait
+35 Renown


The mayor’s daughter, her hobbies include annoying her mother, and (begrudgingly) working at Town Hall. She can be difficult to impress, but her wit is unmatched.

Schedule7 AM: City Hall
5 PM: Library
9 PM: Kilima Central Stables
3 AM: Goes to sleep at Mayor’s Estate
Liked GiftsAny Firework, Any Arrow, Any Antlers

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Something Afoot in Bahari BayKenyatta’s convinced something’s going on. Time to investigate.Search for clues in Bahari Bay+Kenyatta RP
+25 Renown
1x Chapaa Masala
3Unusual SuspectsLooks like you’ve got another lead in the Bahari Ripper case.1. Find Kenyatta in her room at the Mayor’s Estate.
2. Bring the Suspicious Knife to Reth, the Stained Shirt to Jel and the Suspicious Powder to Tamala
3. Talk to Kenyatta
4. Confront Tish
5. Return to Kenyatta
Kenyatta’s Pin
+Kenyatta RP
+30 Renown
1x Suspicious Powder (optional)
10x Dragon’s Beard Peat
4Kenyatta’s PinTalk to Sifuu about making a pin for Kenyatta. (1x Silver Bar, 1x Pinecone, 1x Prism Trout / 1x Duskwing Butterfly / 1x Elder Sernuk Antlers / 1x Heartdrop Lily)
4Perfect PartnersKenyatta’s been hinting at wanting a pin. Time to make her dreams come true.1. Go to the docks to speak to Kenyatta
2. Search for clues at the Fisherman’s Lagoon
Kenyatta’s Portrait
+35 Renown


A hardworking young man, he’s the first son of Badruu and Delaila. He’s following his Path to become a farmer, and though he’s not a deep thinker, he has a kind heart.

Schedule4 AM: Badruu’s Barn
10 AM: Kilima Central Stable
7 PM: Daiya Family Kitchen
9 PM: Badruu’s Barn
12 AM: Goes to sleep
Liked GiftsAny Crop, Any Seed, Any Arrow, Any Firework

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2A Family DinnerNai’o wants you to spend some time with his family in the comfort of your own home. Time to set your best impression!Talk to Nai’o, Auni, Delaila, Badruu+Nai’o RP
1x Kilima Tulip Planter (Option 1)
1x Homestead Tree Planter (Earth)
3Helping HandNai’o’s mentioned that his family’s a little overwhelmed right now. Maybe you can go help some of them out and ease their burdens?1. Feed Cherrytail, Butterball and Cottonbean
2. Speak to Auni (5x Sweet Leaf)
3. Talk to Badruu. Find his Watering Can
4. Go Home
Nai’o Pin
+Nai’o RP
+30 Renown
3x Jelly
4Kenyatta’s AdviceIt’s time to make your feelings clear to Nai’o. Thankfully, Kenyatta’s got some advice.Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Nai’o. (1x Iron Bar, 1x Flow-Infused Wood, 1x Prism Trout / 1x Brighteye Butterfly / 1x Elder Sernuk Antlers / 1x Heartdrop Lily)Nai’o’s Portrait
+35 Renown
1x Chapaa Masala


A talented cook, a devoted brother, and a handsome young man. Reth can usually be found working in Ormuu’s Horn Inn, and can whip you up a delicious meal with a smile.

Schedule12 AM: The Underground
5 AM: The Tailor Shop
8 AM: Tavern
5 PM: The Tailor Shop
8 PM: Storeroom
Liked GiftsAny Fish

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Dinner DisasterReth wants to have dinner with you. Could things be getting more serious?1. Talk to Reth
2. Invite to dinner – Sifuu, Badruu, Delaila, Hodari
3. Wait for Reth’s mail
4. Talk to Reth in his storeroom
+Reth RP
+25 Renown
1x Reth’s Lettuce Soup

(Option #1)
Cover It UpSometimes, honesty isn’t the pest policy. Help Reth hide his criminal misdeeds from Ashura by picking up his shipments.1. Talk to Reth.  Select the first option, “I’ll help you move the merchandise”
2. Collect all three shipments of the goods
3. Hide the shipments in Bahari Bay beyond a semi-hidden mine entrance in the cliff wall between Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins.
4. Go back home and speak with Ashura and then Reth
Reth’s Pin
+Reth RP
+30 Renown
5x Box of Chocolates

(Option #2)
Come CleanReth is determined to dig his own grave. Time to toss him a ladder. Gather the packages he hid in Bahari.1. Talk to Reth.  Select the second option, “I really think you should tell Ashura the truth”
2. Find all three packages in Bahari Bay
3. Deliver the shipments back to the storeroom
4. Talk to Reth
Reth’s Pin
+Reth RP
+30 Renown
5x Box of Chocolates
4A Pin, A PromiseAshura wrote you a letter about Reth. Find out what he wants.Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Reth.Reth’s Portrait
+35 Renown


With strange events such as the re-appearance of humans happening in Kilima, the Order has sent a Watcher to investigate things.

ScheduleAlways in her room at the inn
Liked GiftsAny Fish, Any Arrow, Any Firework

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2High StakesSubira has asked you to join her tonight on a stakeout. She’s requested you bring a dish that you enjoy to her in the basement of the Abandoned Lighthouse.1. Go to the Abandoned Lighthouse (2x Steak Dinners, 2x Cream of Tomato Soup, 2x Meaty Stir Fry, 2x Apple Pie)
2. Find clues about the intruder
3. Speak to Subira
4. Wait for her to contact you
+Subira RP
+25 Renown
1x Subira’s Lily Vase
3The Order of LoveDelaila thinks you should stop by the Kilima Library and check out a book titled “The Order of Love”. She’s hinted it might help you know what to do regarding your relationship with Subira.1. Ask Caleri at the Library for “The Order of Love”
2. Read the book
3. Talk to Subira at the inn
4. Wait to hear from her
Subira’s Pin
+Subira RP
+30 Renown
4A Pin for a WatcherDelaila has sent you a letter asking you to come visit her and mentioned a “friend of hers” she wanted to discuss with you.1. Talk to Delaila
2. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Subira. (1x Proudhorned Sernuk Antlers, 1x Palium Ore, 1x Prism Trout)
3. Ask Subira to meet you at the basement of the old lighthouse
4. Give her your pin
Subira’s Portrait
+35 Renown


A mysterious woman who can often be found in the woods, looking for ingredients for her latest tinctures. Not much is known about her, though most villagers may caution you to stay away.

Schedule8 AM: Wakes up at home
12 PM: West of the Flooded Steps
4 PM: North of Bahari Central Stables
12 AM: Home
4 AM: Goes to sleep
Liked GiftsAny Fertilizer, Rare Bugs and Fish

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2A Date With DestinyThings are heating up between you and Tamala. Meet with her to discuss taking things to the next level.1. Catch a Bat Ray
2. Catch a Leafstalker Mantis
3. Find a Silverwing Egg
+Tamala RP
+25 Renown
1x Moonstruck Wall Decor
3A Steamy SummonsStop by Tamala’s chateau to receive your next task from her.Talk and then wait to hear from TamalaTamala’s Pin
+Tamala RP
+30 Renown
4Tamala’s PinIt’s time to make your feelings for Tamala clear by making her a pin.1. Talk to Tamala
2. Talk to Hassian or Sifuu to make a pin (1x Gold Bar, 1x Green Pearl, 1x Elder Sernuk Antlers / 1x Prism Trout / 1x Duskwing Butterfly / 1x Heartdrop Lily)
Tamala’s Portrait
+35 Renown


An artist in her own right, Tish is a master at furniture crafting. She sells the furniture she makes, as well as leads the Furniture Crafting Guild. She’s always a bright face to speak with if you’re ever in need of help.

Schedule6 30 AM: Near Apothecary
8 30 AM: Near Fisherman’s Lagoon
9 AM: Furniture Store
5 PM: The Tailor Shop
10 PM: Goes Home
Liked GiftsAny Flower, Any Fruit, Any Jam, Any Sweet Dishes

Romance Quests

Romance LvlQuestDescriptionObjectivesRewards
2Emotional Well-beingJel’s worried about Tish’s emotional well-being and wants you to find out what’s wrong with her.Find out what’s “in” this year in Tish’s room for Jel+Tish RP
+25 Renown
3A Romantic SurpriseTish’s prepared a special surprise just for you. Stop by later and see what it is.1. Talk to Reth and Nai’o
2. Decorate the Ballroom (1x Heartdrop Lily, 10x Sundrop Lily, 5x Briar Daisy)
3. Talk to Jel
Tish’s Pin
+Tish RP
+30 Renown
4Party Planning ShenanigansThe party planning continues. Time to check how progress is going.1. Talk to Reth
2. Talk to Jel
3. Talk to Sifuu about making a pin for Tish. (1x Silver Bar, 1x Flow-Infused Plank, 1x Prism Trout / 1x Brighteye Butterfly / 1x Elder Sernuk Antlers / 1x Heartdrop Lily)
Tish’s Portrait
+35 Renown

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