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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Retsuko Guide

“Retsuko is a single, 25 year-old red panda, who really needs a vacation. Despite her cute appearance, something deep within her is filled with rage. Even on a deserted island, it seems like she can’t escape her stressful job – can’t a girl get a break?”



BirthdayApril 16
LocationMount Hothead
Like TagsFire, Metal, Music
Gift ReceivedDough

Retsuko Gifts

Sounds of Steel
Volcanic Guitar
6Pineapple Lava Soda, Toasted Marshmallow Cloud, Music Boxes
Volcano Soundtrack, Microphone
5Surprising Soda
3Toasted Almond Coffee
1Toasted Almond

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2Avatar PaletteRetsuko Avatar Palette
3GiftStamina Apple Slice
4Avatar PaletteRetsuko Avatar Palette
5FurnitureTropical Side Table
6Avatar PaletteRetsuko Avatar Palette
7QuestEnraging Ruins
8Crafting RecipeMountain Soundtrack
9Station UpgradePizza Oven
10Friendship Level UpGood Friends
11QuestFire Up The Volcano
12FurnitureTropical Plant Vase
13RecipeUltimate Joke Pizza
14Avatar PaletteRetsuko Avatar Palette
15Friendship Level UpClose Friends
16Companion AbilityAdrenaline Lvl 1
20% increase in stamina recharge
17QuestSwimming Lessons
18Companion AbilityAdrenaline Lvl 2
50% increase in stamina recharge
19Companion AbilityHot Stuff
Allows you to swim in molten rock
20Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Retsuko Quests

Story Quests

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Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
7Enraging Ruins“Help Retsuko out in the Red Hot Ruins.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Power Up the Gate Quest]
1. Find 3x Red Power Crystals
2. Plug in the Power Crystals to the Red Hot Ruins entrance
3. Find Retsuko’s suitcases, clothes, laptop and karaoke microphone
4. Ride the mine cart
5. Speak to Chococat outside the exit
11Fire Up the Volcano“Figure out how to unblock the Volcano.”1. Meet Keroppi in front of Mount Hothead Cave
2. Speak to Retsuko at the Hot Springs
3. Sing the dormant lava pools back to life
4. Weat the Concert Outfit Retsuko gives you to help her
17Swimming Lessons“Help Retsuko learn how to swim.”1. Brew a Speedy Swimming Potion and give it to Retsuko
2. Swim to Moon Island
3. Talk to Retsuko

Daily Quests

Deepest Dark“The darkness at the bottom of the sea can be comforting. Go there and tell me about it!”Dive to the bottom of The Hole
Heaviest Metal“Can you believe it? This cute little music box actually plays heavy metal music. Can you find one please?”Get a Volcanic Music Box 
Fiery Flowers“Some of the flowers on the mountain really speak to me. So beautiful, full of molten fire.”Collect 2 Magma Bloom 
Heavy Metal“Metal is really marvellous – it’s used to create guitars, microphones, and even amplifiers!”Collect 3 Iron 
Ride the Waves“I bet Rainbow Reef is a great place to relax. It would be nice to float along the surface.”Visit  Rainbow Reef
Heavier Metal“Maybe we should turn up the heat and craft an ingot. I can use it as a paperweight at work.”Craft 1 Ingot 

Other Island Residents

Badtz-maru Chococat Cinnamoroll Hangyodon
Hello Kitty Keroppi Kuromi My Melody
Pekkle Pochacco Pompompurin Tuxedosam

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