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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Pochacco Guide

“Pochacco loves all things sports and is a great pal for activities and athletics! He is a curious and playful little guy who loves going for a jog and eating healthy treats. He can also introduce you to photography, Island Challenges, and many more fun island activities—always finding something to do!” 



BirthdayFebruary 29
LocationSeaside Resort
OccupationOversees the gudetama sign
Like TagsHealthy, Veggie, Sports
Gift ReceivedStrawberry

Pochacco Gifts

Pochacco Energy Pop
7Sipnip Alfredo Pizza
Everything Pizza, Veggie Crepe
4Tofu Bread, Veggie Bread, Tofu Pudding, Purple Pudding, Tofu Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Purple Latte

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
3Avatar PalettePochacco Avatar Palette
4QuestA Zipline Adventure
5GiftStamina Apple Slice
6FurnitureSpooky Candelabra
7Avatar PalettePochacco Avatar Palette
8Companion AbilitySpeed Climber Lvl 1
20% increase in climbing speed
9FurnitureSpooky Dining Chair
10Friendship Level UpGood Friends
11QuestPochacco Energy Pop
12GiftStamina Apple Slice
13Companion AbilitySpeed Climber Lvl 2
50% increase in climbing speed
14Companion AbilityRelay
Helps complete Island challenges
15Friendship Level UpClose Friends
16RecipeEverything Pizza
17Avatar PalettePochacco Avatar Palette
18Companion AbilitySpeed Climber Lvl 3
100% increase in climbing speed
19FurnitureSpooky Side Table
20Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Pochacco Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
4A Zipline Adventure“Figure out how to use the ziplines around Friendship Island.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Power Up the Gate Quest]
1. Craft Spark (3x Light Stones)
2. Use the Spark to power up the Zipline in Seaside Resort
3. Ride the zipline to Spooky Swamp
11Pochacco Energy Pop“Help Pochacco create the ultimate sports drink.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Revive the Oasis Quest]
1.  Take Pochacco to Pompompurin’s Dessert Boat
2. Speak to Pompompurin
3. Collect Fizzy Ore and refine it into Fizzy Crystals
4. Find Sipnip (Spooky Swamp)
5. Use the Soda Machine in Gemstone Town – Mix up the Fizzy Crystals, Tofu and Sipnip
6. Give the Pochacco Energy Pop to Pochacco

Daily Quests

Relaxation Station“It’s important to take regular breaks! Go relax at Pompompurin’s Ice Cream Boat — but jog on your way there!”Visit the Dessert Boat
Maximum Energy“If I drink a coffee from Hello Kitty before I go running, I can sprint super-duper fast.”Visit the Hello Kitty Cafe
Progress Pictures“I’ve been making serious fitness gains since coming to the island! Will you please take my picture?”Take a selfie with  Pochacco
Fast Fashion“Tuxedosam says that it’s important to look sharp on the racetrack. You should pay him a visit.”Visit the Tuxedosam’s Shop
Feel the Burn“For today’s training, try reaching the very top of Mount Hothead! After that, you can take a break in the hot springs.”Visit the Caldera
Dive Training“If you really take diving seriously, you’ll swim down and touch the sunken pirate ship in Rainbow Reef.”Dive to the Sunken Ship in Rainbow Reef
Out and Back“Okay, fitness partner! It’s time for a run and a swim. Head out to the buoy on the Hopscotch Islands. Go! Go! Go!”Touch the buoy at Seaside Resort
Wide, Open Spaces“With my coaching, you’re becoming a running pro. Now, take a hike to Gemstone Mountain!”Visit Gemstone Mountain
Such Great Heights“This is it! What you’ve been training for, champ! Climb all the way to Icy Peak!”Visit Icy Peak
Bog Jog“The Spooky Swamp is a great place to practice your trail running. Don’t trip on a pumpkin!”Visit Spooky Swamp
Quick Stroll“I try to run everywhere, even on errands, like to Small Gift Big Smile. Isn’t running great?”Visit Small Gift Big Smile

Other Island Residents

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Pekkle Pochacco Pompompurin Tuxedosam

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