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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Pekkle Guide

“Good-natured and kindhearted, Pekkle can most often be found singing or dancing—two things he excels at. Once he finds the abandoned Dance Hall in Gemstone Mountain, he’s on a mission to bring the party and restore the old town to a rockin’ rollin’ hotspot again. “ 



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BirthdayJuly 27
LocationGemstone Mountain
Like TagsRocky, Relax, Music
Gift ReceivedFeather

Pekkle Gifts

Mountain Soundtrack
Rocky Music Box, Stacked Stones
6Mama’s Pudding
5Hot Cocoa
4Rare Fish – Check out our fishing list here, Twinklebug
3Calming Crystal

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2Avatar PalettePekkle Avatar Palette
3GiftStamina Apple Slice
4Avatar PalettePekkle Avatar Palette
5QuestBring Back the Swing
6UpgradeSoda Machine Upgrade
7Companion AbilitySpeed Walker Lvl 1
20% faster walking speed
8Friendship Level UpGood Friends
9Avatar PalettePekkle Avatar Palette
10QuestHeavy Metal Hoedown
11Companion AbilitySpeed Walker Lvl 2
50% faster walking speed
12Friendship Level UpClose Friends
13Companion AbilityDance All Night
Pekkle will allow the player to change the time of day when they talk to him
14Avatar PalettePekkle Avatar Palette
15Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Pekkle Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
5Bring Back the Swing“Open up the Dance Hall in Gemstone Town.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Power Up the Gate Quest]
1. Meet Pekkle inside the Dance Hall
2. Find 3 Power Crystals to power up the band
2a. At the top of a high rock formation, Northwest of Gemstone Town
2b. At the top of a rock formation in the centre of a pond, East of Gemstone Mountain
2c. At the top of a high rock formation, Southwest of Gemstone Town
3. Insert the Power Crystals into the stage
4. Invite 5x Island Residents to the Dance Hall
5. Return to the Dance Hall at night and speak to Pekkle
10Heavy Metal Hoedown“Open the way to Gemstone Town for all your friends!”

[Only unlocked after completing the Enraging Ruins and Fire Up the Volcano Quests]
1. Meet Pekkle behind the Dance Hall
2. Speak to Retsuko
3. Follow both Pekkle and Retsuko to break the boulders

Daily Quests

Twinkly Treasures“I’m hunting around for these shiny things! They gotta be valuable, right?”Collect 10 Shiny 
Memento“Gemstone Mountain is just so memorable! You should collect a souvenir.”Collect an item with the  rocky tag
Feeling Fizzy“Sometimes dancing can make you dizzy, but the solution is always something fizzy!”Brew a beverage at the Soda Machine
Bringing Down the House“Yesterday, I saw Pochacco practising his dance moves on the roof of the Dance Hall. He has great balance!”Get on the Dance Hall roof
Birds of a Feather“When you’re dancing, it’s important to stay light as feather. Would you mind dropping one off with a friend?”Give the Island Resident a  Feather
Spelunking“The old mines behind Gemstone Town are extra sparkly today! It’s very inspiring. You oughtta take a peek.”Visit the Crystal Caves

Other Island Residents

Badtz-maru Chococat Cinnamoroll Hangyodon
Hello Kitty Keroppi Kuromi My Melody
Pekkle Pochacco Pompompurin Tuxedosam

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