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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Kuromi Guide

“Kuromi is cheeky but oh so charming. She enjoys writing in her diary and reading romance novels. She’s the queen of all things spooky, too—so together, you can make the theme park have a frightfully good time!” 



BirthdayOctober 31
LocationSpooky Swamp
Like TagsSpooky, Fall, Soda
Gift ReceivedLight Stone

Kuromi Gifts

Spicy Pumpkin Latte
Pumpkin Spice Soda
Spooky Cake
5Joke Soda
4Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Pudding

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level Up
New Friends
Delivery Service
2Avatar PaletteKuromi Avatar Palette
3FurnitureSpooky Standing Lamp
4QuestRe-Haunt the Spooky Swamp
5FurnitureSpooky Standing Mirror
6QuestDeep Diving
7FurnitureSpooky Armchair
8QuestPotion Hunt: The Opening
9FurnitureSpooky Bookcase
10Friendship Level UpGood Friends
11FurnitureSpooky Dining Table
12GiftStamina Apple Slice
13Companion AbilityWitchcraft Lvl 1
50% longer lasting potion effect
14RecipePineapple Lava Soda
15Friendship Level UpClose Friends
16Companion AbilitySuper Balloon Ability
Height boost when using balloons
17Avatar PaletteKuromi Avatar Palette
18Companion AbilityWitchcraft Lvl 2
100% longer-lasting potion effect
19FurnitureSpooky Bed
20Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Kuromi Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
1Delivery Service“Discover Cinnamoroll’s speedy delivery service.”1. Deliver a Pumpkin to My Melody
2. Deliver a Coastal Decorative Plant to Kuromi
3. Speak to Canniamoroll by the Resort Plaza Fast-Travel mailbox
4. Use the Fast-Travel to deliver the plant to Kuromi
4Re-Haunt the Spooky Swamp“Bring back the attractions in the Spooky Swamp.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Power Up the Gate Quest]
1. Put the Power Crystal into the podium next to the Haunted Mansion
2. Complete the 10x Haunted Mansion Puzzle Rooms in order
3. Put the 2nd Power Crystal into the podium
4. Turn on the 3 levers near the Ghost Tour Ride
5. Find the Power Crystal inside the Treasure Trove
6. Put on the Witch Outfit and put the Power Crystal into the podium
7. Activate the Power Crystals
6Deep Diving“Learn how to dive by helping Kuromi recover her lost locket.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Finding Flippers Quest]
1. Dive into the pond near the Witch’s Hut to retrieve Kuromi’s lost locket
8Potion Hunt: The Opening“Learn the secrets of potion-making from Kuromi.”1. Talk to My Melody – Make the Stamina Recharge Potion (1x Apple, 1x Glow Berry)
2. Talk to Pochacco – Make the Speedy Walking Potion (1x Tofu, 1x Glow Berry)
3. Talk to Keroppi and find the next Potion Recipe Card in the Bog critter room
4. Make the Speedy Swimming Potion (1x Swampmallow, 1x Glow Berry)
5. Talk to Hangyodon and hand out 3x Comedy Club Tickets to anyone
6. Make the Deep Diving Potion (1x Sugarkelp, 1x Glow Berry)
7. Talk to Kuromi – Make the Thermal Potion (1x Magma Bloom, 1x Glow Berry)

Daily Quests

Prank Supplies“I may or may not be planning an epic prank on Badtz-maru. I just need a few more supplies…”Gift  Kuromi an item with the  joke tag
Potions Class: Diving“Okay, class! Today we’re practicing our diving skills. Don’t be afraid to jump right in!”Brew a  Deep Diving potion
Potions Class: Thermal“This is a big test in your potion-brewing skills. Can you take the heat?”Brew a  Thermal potion
Potions Class: Stamina Recharge“Let’s recharge! Studying potions can be hard work, so brewing this will give you a serious boost.”Brew a  Stamina Recharge potion
Potions Class: Speedy Swimming“It’s time to swim! This potion allows even the most nervous swimmers to cruise through the waves with confidence.”Brew a  Speedy Swimming potion
Potions Class: Speedy Walking“Now, let’s practice our speedy walking skills. With this potion, you’ll be zooming all over the island.”Brew a  Speedy Walking potion
Dare YaBadtz-maru said he climbed to the top of Mount Hothead. He’s so brave. I dare you to try that!”Climb to the Caldera at Mount Hothead
Look Surprised“Have you worn your witchy-wear recently? If you’re visiting Spooky Swamp, it’s important that your outfit matches the atmosphere.”Change your outfit or avatar using the mirror 
Totally Charming“This outfit is the perfect mix of spooky and playful! Take my picture, so I can send it to my friends back home.”Take a selfie with Kuromi
Vacation Smiles“Hi, would you please take a picture of Badtz-maru? I promise I’m not being sentimental! I just need it…uhh…for a prank.”Take a selfie with Badtz-maru
Boggy Memories“I love when My Melody comes to visit my potion shop! Could you please take a picture of her enjoying Spooky Swamp?”Ask  My Melody to be your companion and take her to  Spooky Swamp for a selfie

Other Island Residents

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