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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Keroppi Guide

“Keroppi has a caring heart and loves the island! He takes it upon himself to restore the land’s natural beauty and gets all his friends to help. From restoring an old Nature Preserve, to caring for critters, to cleaning up litter in the reef, Keroppi travels the island leaving everything better than he found it.” 



BirthdayApril 16
LocationSpooky Swamp
Like TagsCritters, Swampy, Wood
Gift ReceivedSugarkelp

Kerropi Gifts

Critter Totem
6Swampy Music Box
Bush Friend
Rare Critters – Check out our critters list here
Rare Fish – Check out our fishing list here
Grassy Glowbuddy, Lily Frog, Orchid Glowbuddy, Phantom Flutterby, Pumpkin Spiceler, Swampy Snapper, Swampy Souvinear Doll
1Lotus Blossom

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2QuestOpen the Nature Preserve
3Avatar PaletteKeroppi Avatar Palette
4Crafting RecipeWoodblock (stick)
5GiftStamina Apple Slice
6Companion AbilityCritter Calmer Lvl 1
Makes critters slower and easier to catch by 10%
7Avatar PaletteKeroppi Avatar Palette
8Friendship Level UpGood Friends
9Companion AbilityCritter Friend
25% chance that critters won’t become startled or run away
10Crafting RecipeCritter Totem
11Companion AbilityCritter Calmer Lvl 2
Makes critters slower and easier to catch by 30%
12Friendship Level UpClose Friends
13Companion AbilityCritter Calmer Lvl 3
Makes critters slower and easier to catch by 50%
14Avatar PaletteKeroppi Avatar Palette
15Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Keroppi Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
1Finding Flippers“Craft the Flippers so you can swim across water.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Power Up the Gate Quest]
1. Find the Strap in the Lilypad Lagoon
2. Craft the Flippers
2Open the Nature Preserve“Help Keroppi get the Nature Preserve open.1. Find the Bug Critter Lists to help open the Nature Preserve
1a. Full list locations here
2. Get the Net crafting plans from Badtz-maru and craft the net (10x Stick, 3x Thread, 1x Light Stone)
3. Catch a Lily Frog

Daily Quests

Awesome Blossoms“The lotus flowers in Spooky Swamp look like they shimmer with magic! Have you found any?”Collect 5 Lotus Blossom
Critter Preservation“Have you been catching critters for the Nature Preserve? They seem so happy in their habitat rooms!”Catch any Critter
Critter Companion“We’ve rescued so many critters that I simply have to know – which one is your favorite?!”Catch any Critter
Portrait of Youth“Take my picture! Take my picture! I’ll pretend I’m a critter.”Take a photo of  Keroppi
Critter Diving“The sea creatures in Rainbow Reef are amazing! It’s important that we protect them.”Catch any Critter from Rainbow Reef
Small but Mighty“Did you know there are critters that live on Mount Hothead?! Even at the top! They must be really strong.”Catch any Critter at  Mount Hothead
Critter Crossing“The Nature Preserve is filling up, thanks to your hard work! All our guests love learning about nature.”Catch any Critter at  Gemstone Mountain
Full Bloom“The sakura flowers in the Oasis are delicate and lovely. Have you collected any lately?”Collect 5 Sakura
Sticky Situation“I’m upgrading the critter habitats and need a few more sticks. Would you help out?”Give  Keroppi x5 Sticks

Other Island Residents

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