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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Hangyodon Guide

“Hangyodon is a nice guy (also a fish) who loves to make others laugh but has a soft spot and doesn’t like being alone. He has big dreams of being the comedy entertainment at the island resort, but he often needs a little help with his material. He’s a bit of a daydreamer, but his plans often go awry.” 



BirthdayMarch 14
LocationRainbow Reef
OccupationRuns the Comedy Club
Like TagsCloth, Aquatic, Fish
Gift ReceivedCandlenut

Hangyodon Gifts

Mermaid Figure
6Designer Island Doll, Aquatic Music Box
Rare Fish – Check out our fishing list here
4Rare Critters – Check out our critters list here

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2Avatar PaletteHangyodon Avatar Palette
3Crafting RecipeGift Box
4Station UpgradeEspresso Machine
5Companion AbilitySpeed Swimmer Lvl 1
25% faster swimming and diving speed
6QuestComic Relief
7Crafting RecipeAquatic Gift
8QuestWhen You Fwish Upon a Fish
9Companion AbilitySpeed Swimmer Lvl 2
50% faster swimming and diving speed
10Companion AbilityFish Friend
Increase the chances of a rare fish appearing by 25%
11QuestEspresso Machine Repair
12Friendship Level UpClose Friends
13Companion AbilitySpeed Swimmer Lvl 3
100% faster swimming and diving speed
14RecipeChocolate Chai
15Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Hangyodon Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
6Comic Relief“Revive the Comedy Club and help Hangyodon have a great show.”1. Find Hangyodon’s suitcase, located on the ground behind the Comedy Club
2. Return the suitcase
3. Find the 3x pieces of the Mermaid Outfit and put them on
4. Meet Hangyodon and Chococat at the Mermaidifier
5. Find 3x Power Crystals around Rainbow Reef
5a. In the Sunken Solutions puzzle room
5b. In the Kelp Maze
5c. At the lower point of the world
6. Deliver flyers to My Melody
7. Make Hangyodon a coffee
8When You Fwish Upon a Fish“Help Hangyodon get his wish by donating a bunch of fish!”

[Only unlocked after completing the Keep It Real Quest]
1. Catch 5x Fish and meet Hangyodon at the Fwishing Well
2. Donate the fish to the well
3. Give Hangyodon 1x Fish
11Espresso Machine Repair“Get the Comedy Club’s Espresso Machine up and running again.”1. Retrieve spare parts from the Espresso Machine at the Comedy Club for Hello Kitty
2. Speak to Hangyodon
3. Retrieve the Toolbox from the Sunken Ship
3. Speak to Keroppi
4. Give the spare parts to Chococat

Daily Quests


Fishing in the Ruins“Sometimes, I like to fish near the southeast dock at Mount Hothead. It’s good to get out there and see the world!”Catch a fish near the southeast dock at  Mount Hothead
Creative Boost“Wow, did you know writing is hard work? I need some creative inspiration. Can you bring me a comic book?”Gift  Hangyodon a comic book
Paparazzi Welcome“Thanks for helping me fix up Notlantis. Would you take a picture of me in the Comedy Club, so the folks back home know that I’ve made it big?”Take a photo of  Hangyodon
Comedic Critters“Remember, it’s not only fish that live in the Rainbow Reef! You should catch some aquatic critters.”Catch x5 Critters in  Rainbow Reef using the Bubble Wand
Fish Friends“You may be wondering if I can talk to the fish. Of course, I can! But they can’t talk back – they’re fish.”Catch a fish at Seaside Resort
Gone Fishing“I should really practice my fishing but… I’m not really in the mood. Could you go for me?”Catch a fish in the Gemstone Mines
Muddy Water“My personal favorite fish are found in Spooky Swamp. There’s just something kinda funny about them!”Catch a fish in  Spooky Swamp

Other Island Residents

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