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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Critter Guide

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a cozy life sim game where you explore an island with Hello Kitty and her friends. Your goal is to restore the island to its former glory by completing quests, solving mysteries, and of course enjoying the beauty of the island. There are plenty of friends to make and things to do on the island such as fishing and catching critters! In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about catching critters and where to find all of them!

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available on the App Store and Mac.


How to Get the Bug Net

Badtz-maru will gift you the Bug Net Plans during the Open the Nature Preserve quest. The quest will only become available after you reach friendship level 2 with Keroppi and can be unlocked in the Spooky Swamp area.

Bug Net Recipe: 10x Sticks, 1x Light Stone, 3x Threads

Once obtained, you will need to gather the following materials to craft the Bug Net at a Crafting Table.


Critter List Location

Kerropi loves all the critters of the island and he wants you to help him open up a nature preserve! This will be a nice, safe place for all the critters to live in harmony but in order to do that you’re going to need to find the critter lists. Start by first helping Badtz-Maru and Keroppi to reopen the nature preserve, then you’ll need to find the critter lists for each biome to make a start on your collection.

You’ll need to go in this specific order to unlock all the critter lists.

Critter ListLocationRequirement
Seaside Critter ListRoots of a tree at the back left of the Spooky Swamp roomFriendship Lvl 2 with Keroppi
Reef Critter ListFloating on a crate on the left side of the Seaside Resort roomUnlock the Seaside Resort room
Gemstone Critter ListAt the bottom of the ocean in the Rainbow Reef roomFriendship Lvl 6 with Keroppi.
Complete the Deep Diving quest.
Craft the Snorkel
Volcano Critter ListBehind a large, cracked boulder on the left side of the Gemstone roomFriendship Lvl 11 with My Melody.
Complete the Clearing the Oasis quest.
Obtain the pickaxe

Critter Locations

Seaside Resort

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonBlue BerryflyResort Gale areaAll Day
CommonCastle CrabBeachMorning, Day, Evening
CommonDunebugHopscotch and Moon IslandDay, Night
CommonHoney BanditLand and Cozy IslandsMorning, Day, Evening
CommonScruffy ShortlegPuzzle RoomsEvening, Night
CommonSunslimeAll sandy areasMorning, Evening, Night
UncommonDragondarterUpper PondsMorning, Day, Night

Rainbow Reef

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonSapphire SeaponyComedy ClubAll Day
CommonBarnabeetleBetween Mount Hothead and Moon IslandAll Day
CommonCrustoceanBetween Cozy Islands Bridge and Comedy ClubAll Day
CommonWollypogKelp Maze, in the kelpDay, Evening
CommonSlugnauticaTrenchMorning, Evening, Night
UncommonDreamshell DrifterKelp MazeAll Day
RareInky BallooperSunken ShipEvening, Night
RareRainbow RibbiterThe HoleMorning, Night

Spooky Swamp

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonGrassy GlowbuddyGhost Tour RideAll Day
CommonLily FrogLilypad LagoonMorning, Day, Night
CommonOrchid GlowbuddyGhost Tour RideAll Day
CommonPhantom FlutterbyGraveyardDay, Evening, Night
CommonPumpkin SpicelerPumpkin Patch and next to the Witch’s HutAll Day
CommonSwampy SnapperBeach levelMorning, Evening, Night
UncommonBush FriendBogging for Apples MazeEvening, Night

Gemstone Mountain

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonAcactnidGemstone Town level, close to the beachDay, Evening
CommonFrondhawkOasis – Palm trees around the Dessert BoatAll Day
CommonRockadoodlerGemstone TownMorning, Day
CommonRosy DusterHigh DesertAll Day
CommonStony SluglerCrystal CavesDay
CommonScarlet ScuttlerBeachesDay, Evening
CommonSunset ScooterBeachesEvening
CommonTumblebugTwo levels below the Icy Peak EntranceMorning, Day, Evening
UncommonSoaking SluglerGemstone Town near Oasis, during RainAll Day (Rain)
RareTwinklebugCrystal CavesEvening, Night
RareWooloxIcy Peak – Outer CliffsMorning

Mount Hothead

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonFumeflyLava Rock – Between Mount Hothead and Hot SpringsAll Day
CommonGrubbleHot SpringsAll Day
CommonGeyser GrubMount Hothead- Ground Level and PierAll Day
CommonLady BeanRuins Temples – Near plantsEvening, Night
CommonStampeedleLava CavesAll Day
CommonTigersnootMount Hothead – Fast travel area
Red Hot Ruins Entrance
All Day
UncommonEruptoadCalderaEvening, Night
RareMagmiterLava CavesAll Day

Cloud Island

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonCloudragonCloud Island PlazaAll Day
UncommonStarry NightwingAbove the Candy Cloud MachineEvening, Night
RareStardrakeCloud Island Plaza, during StarfallAll Day (Starfall)

Merry Meadow

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonBlossom BlounderMerry Meadows Plaza – Second Level, left-side
Merry Meadows Overlook – Third level, around water
Morning, Day
CommonMosslingMerry Meadows FieldsAll Day
CommonCatercreeperMerry Meadows Overlook – Third level
Merry Meadows Temple
Merry Meadows Critter Corral – Fourth level
All Day
UncommonFlowerflyMerry Meadows Overlook – Third level
Merry Meadows Temple
Merry Meadows Critter Corral – Fourth level

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