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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Cooking Guide

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a delightful cosy life simulation game where you, can spend your day exploring and befriending all your favourite Sanrio characters. Imagine Animal Crossing with a sprinkle of Sanrio magic! Explore diverse environments, teeming with plenty of things to do. Catch fish and critters, mine for resources, and decorate adorable cabins for visiting characters. And just like Animal Crossing, the island inhabitants will hopefully become your best friends, who you can go on adventures with.

The best way to bond with your favourite Sanrio characters is to of course give them their favourite gifts. And who doesn’t love some homemade goodies? In this guide, we’ll teach you all about cooking in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. From the various cooking stations that you can find on the island, to the over 130 recipes that you can make in the games! So it’s time to start preheating that oven as we get into this guide.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available on the App Store for Mac.


How To Start Cooking

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure cooking is a little bit more spread out than in other games. You don’t necessarily have your own kitchen but instead will be using the kitchen stations of the various Island Residents. There are currently seven Cooking Stations scattered around the island that are used to cook different types of food. Meaning that you’ll need to go to specific stations to cook certain food items. For example, the Pizza Oven is for making Pizza, while the Espresso Machine will be for making various drinks.

Here’s a list of the Cooking Stations, where to find them and which Island Resident owns them.

Cooking StationLocationResident
OvenResort Plaza – Seaside ResortHello Kitty
Soda MachineGemstone Town – Gemstone MountainPekkle
Dessert MachineOasis – Gemstone MountainPompompurin
Espresso MachineComedy Club – Rainbow Reef
Resort Plaza – Seaside Resort
Hello Kitty
Pizza OvenMount HotheadRetsuko
Candy Cloud MachineCloud Island Plaza – Cloud IslandKiki & Lala
Egg Pan StationOasis – Gemstone MountainPekkle

Cooking Stations


The Oven is located in the Hello Kitty Cafe at the Resort Plaza of the Seaside Resort. The Oven will use Flour and one or two other ingredients to make baked goods such as cakes and pastries.

The oven upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 15 with Hello Kitty.

CakeFlour + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Banana, Starfruit, Swampmallow etc.)BakeryCommon
CheesecakeFlour + Moon CheeseBakery, CheeseCommon
Milk BreadFlour + Coral MilkBakery, DairyCommon
PastryFlour + Candy CloudBakery, SweetCommon
Almond Pound CakeFlour + Toasted Almond + Candy CloudBakery, Sweet, DreamyUncommon
Beignets with Pineapple DipFlour + Pineapple + Candy CloudBakery, Sweet, Fancy, TropicalUncommon
Chocolate BallsFlour + Chocolate CoinBakery, ChocolateUncommon
Chocolate CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Chocolate CoinBakery, Cheese, ChocolateUncommon
Egg TartFlour + EggBakery, EggUncommon
MacaronFlour + Toasted AlmondBakery, SweetUncommon
Mama’s Apple PieFlour + AppleBakery, FruitUncommon
Pineapple Stack CakeFlour + PineappleBakery, TropicalUncommon
Pumpkin CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + PumpkinBakery, Cheese, FallUncommon
Pumpkin PieFlour + PumpkinBakery, FallUncommon
Purple CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + SpinipBakery, Cheese, VeggieUncommon
Sakura CakeFlour + SakuraBakery, PinkUncommon
Sakura CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + SakuraBakery, Cheese, PinkUncommon
Spiced CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Cinna Bloom
Flour + Moon Cheese + Magama Bloom
Bakery, Cheese, SpiceUncommon
Spooky CakeFlour + Swampmallow + PumpkinBakery, Fall, SpookyUncommon
Strawberry CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + StrawberryBakery, Cheese, Fruit, SweetUncommon
Strawberry ShortcakeFlour + StrawberryBakery, Fruit, SweetUncommon
Sugarkelp CakesFlour + SugarkelpBakery, SweetUncommon
Turtle CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Toasted AlmondsBakery, Cheese, FireUncommon
Chiffon CakeFlour + Egg + Cinna BloomBakery, Egg, SpiceRare
Cinnamon BreadFlour + Magma Bloom
Flour + Cinna Bloom
Bakery, SpiceRare
Cinnamon RollCandy Cloud + Cinna BloomBakery, Spice, SweetRare
Fruit TartFlour + Egg + Apple
Flour + Egg + Banana
Flour + Egg + Pineapple
Flour + Egg + Starfruit
Flour + Egg + Strawberry
Bakery, Egg, FruitRare
Nutty TartFlour + Egg + Toasted AlmondBakery, Egg, FireRare
Red Bow Apple PieFlour + Apple + Magma BloomBakery, Fruit, FancyRare
Strawberry Almond GaletteFlour + Strawberry + Toasted AlmondBakery, Pink, DreamyRare
Sweet Custard TartFlour + Egg + Candy Cloud
Flour + Egg + Swampmallow
Flour + Egg + Sugarkelp
Bakery, Egg, SweetRare
Tofu BreadFlour + TofuBakery, HealthyRare
Veggie BreadFlour + SpinipBakery, VeggieRare
Veggie TartFlour + Egg + Pumpkin
Flour + Egg + Sipnip
Bakery, Egg, VeggieRare
Volcano CakeFlour + Chocolate Coin + Magma BloomBakery, Spice, ChocolateRare
Confetti CakeFlour + Rainbow Sprinkles (Happy Haven Days Event)Bakery, Happy HavenLegendary

Soda Machine

The Soda Machine is located in Gemstone Town, to the right of the Gemstone Town’s fast-travel point. The Soda Machine will use Fizzy Crystals and one or two other ingredients to make different types of sodas.

You’ll unlock the Soda Machine after completing the Parched quest. The Soda Machine upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 6 with Pekkle.

SodaFizzy Crystal + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Egg, Moon Cheese, Starfruit, Flour etc.)SodaCommon
Sweet SodaFizzy Crystal + Candy Cloud
Fizzy Crystal + Sugarkelp
Fizzy Crystal + Swampmallow
Soda, SweetUncommon
Strawberry SodaFizzy Crystal + StrawberrySoda, FruitUncommon
Apple SodaFizzy Crystal + AppleSoda, FruitUncommon
Tropical SodaFizzy Crystal + PineappleSoda, TropicalUncommon
Swampy SodaFizzy Crystal + Pumpkin
Fizzy Crystal + Spinip
Soda, SwampyUncommon
Fiery SodaFizzy Crystal + Cinna Bloom
Fizzy Crystal + Magma Bloom
Fizzy Crystal + Toasted Almond
Soda, FireUncommon
Cream SodaFizzy Crystal + Coral MilkSoda, DairyUncommon
Banana SodaFizzy Crystal + BananaSoda, TropicalUncommon
Joke SodaFizzy Crystal + TofuSoda, JokeUncommon
Pochacco Energy PopFizzy Crystal + Tofu + SpinipHealthy, Veggie, SportsUncommon
Sakura SodaFizzy Crystal + SakuraSoda, PinkUncommon
Pineapple Lava SodaFizzy Crystal + Pineapple + Magma BloomSoda, Tropical, Spice, FireRare
Pumpkin Spice SodaFizzy Crystal + Cinna Bloom + PumpkinSoda, Spooky, FallRare
Surprising SodaFizzy Crystal + Spinip + Toasted AlmondSoda, Joke, FireRare

Dessert Machine

The Dessert Machine is located at the Dessert Boat in Gemstone Mountain. The Dessert Machine will use Cactus Cream and one or two other ingredients to make desserts such as ice creams and puddings.

The Dessert Machine upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 13 with Pompompurin.

Ice CreamCactus Cream + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Pineapple, Starfruit, Flour etc.)DessertCommon
Tofu PuddingCactus Cream + TofuDessert, HealthyCommon
PuddingCactus Cream + Coral MilkDessert, MilkCommon
Pumpkin PuddingCactus Cream + PumpkinDessert, FallCommon
Purple PuddingCactus Cream + SpinipDessert, VeggieCommon
Apple Ice CreamCactus Cream + AppleDessert, FruitUncommon
Banana Ice CreamCactus Cream + BananaDessert, TropicalUncommon
Chocolate Ice CreamCactus Cream + Chocolate CoinDessert, ChocolateUncommon
Cinna Ice CreamCactus Cream + Cinna BloomDessert, SpiceUncommon
Magma PuddingCactus Cream + Magma BloomDessert, SpiceUncommon
Strawberry Ice CreamCactus Cream + StrawberryDessert, FruitUncommon
Sweet PuddingCactus Cream + Candy Cloud
Cactus Cream + Sugarkelp
Cactus Cream + Swampmallow
Dessert, SweetUncommon
Sakura PuddingCactus Cream + SakuraDessert, PinkUncommon
Mama’s PuddingCactus Cream + Coral Milk + BananaDessert, Dairy, RelaxUncommon
Pink Clouds Ice CreamCactus Cream + Candy Cloud + SakuraDessert, Pink, Dreamy, SweetUncommon
Chocolate Pineapple PuddingCactus Cream + Pineapple + Chocolate CoinDessert, Chocolate, TropicalUncommon
Chocolate ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + Chocolate CoinDessert, Frozen, ChocolateUncommon
Vanilla ShakeCactus Cream + SnowcicleDessert, FrozenUncommon
Banana ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + BananaDessert, Frozen, FruitUncommon
Strawberry ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + StrawberryDessert, Frozen, FruitUncommon
Cheese Ice CreamCactus Cream + Moon CheeseDessert, Dairy, DreamyUncommon
Boulder Bits Ice CreamCactus Cream + Chocolate Coin + SwampmallowDessert, EggUncommon
Boulder Bits Ice CreamCactus Cream + Swampmallow + Chocolate CoinDessert, Chocolate, SweetRare
Starry Skies ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + StarfruitDessert, Dreamy, Stars, FrozenRare

Espresso Machine

There are two Espresso Machine Cookins Stations, one is located in the Hello Kitty Cafe at Resort Plaza and the other is in the Comedy Club at Rainbow Reef. The Espresso Machine will use Candlenut and one or two other ingredients to make a variety of coffee-based beverages.

You’ll only unlock the Espresso Machine in the Hello Kitty Cafe after completing the Espresso Machine Repair quest at friendship level 11 with Hangyodon. The Espresso Machine upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 4 with Hangyodon.

Candlenut CoffeeCandlenut + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Apple, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Tofu etc.)Cozy Beverage
Toasted Almond CoffeeCandlenut + Toasted AlmondCozy Beverage, FireCommon
CappuccinoCandlenut + Coral MilkCozy Beverage, DairyUncommon
ChaiCandlenut + Magma Bloom
Candlenut + Cinna Bloom
Cozy Beverage, SpiceUncommon
Chocolate ChaiCandlenut + Chocolate Coin + Magma Bloom
Candlenut + Chocolate Coin + Cinna Bloom
Cozy Beverage, Chocolate, SpiceUncommon
Egg CoffeeCandlenut + EggCozy Beverage, EggUncommon
EspressoCandlenut + Cinna Bloom + Magma BloomCozy Beverage, Fire, SpiceUncommon
Hot CocoaCandlenut + Chocolate Coin + Coral MilkCozy Beverage, Chocolate, RelaxUncommon
MochaCandlenut + Chocolate CoinCozy Beverage, ChocolateUncommon
Pink LatteCandlenut + Strawberry
Candlenut + Sakura
Cozy Beverage, Pink, SweetUncommon
Purple LatteCandlenut + SpinipCozy Beverage, VeggieUncommon
Confusing CoffeeCandlenut + Moon CheeseCozy Beverage, DairyUncommon
FrappeCandlenut + SnowcicleCozy Beverage, FrozenUncommon
Molten FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle + Magma BloomCozy Beverage, Frozen, SpiceUncommon
Sakura FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle + SakuraCozy Beverage, Frozen, PinkUncommon
Sweet FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle + SugarkelpCozy Beverage, Frozen, SweetUncommon
Candied Banana CoffeeCandlenut + Banana + Candy CloudCozy Beverage, Fruit, Fancy, DessertRare
Spicy Pumpkin LatteCandlenut + Pumpkin + Cinna BloomCozy Beverage, Fall, Spice, SpookyRare
Sweet LatteCandlenut + Sugarkelp
Candlenut + Candy Cloud
Candlenut + Swampmallow
Cozy Beverage, SweetRare

Pizza Oven

The Pizza Oven is located on Mount Hothead, to the right of the fast-travel point. The Pizza Oven will use Dough and one or two other ingredients to make pizzas.

The Pizza Oven upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 9 with Retsuko.

PizzaDough + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Snowcicle, Sakura, Chocolate Coin etc.)PizzaCommon
Alfredo PizzaDough + Coral MilkPizza, DairyUncommon
Dessert PizzaDough + Sugarkelp
Dough + Candy Cloud
Dough + Swampmallow
Pizza, DessertUncommon
Fruit PizzaDough + Strawberry
Dough + Apple
Dough + Banana
Pizza, FruitUncommon
Pineapple PizzaDough + PineapplePizza, TropicalUncommon
Spicy PizzaDough + Cinna Bloom
Dough + Magma Bloom
Pizza, SpiceUncommon
Toasty PizzaDough + Toasted AlmondPizza, FireUncommon
Tofu PizzaDough + TofuPizza, HealthyUncommon
Veggie PizzaDough + Pumpkin
Dough + Spinip
Pizza, VeggieUncommon
Three Cheese PizzaDough + Moon CheesePizza, Dreamy, CheeseUncommon
Breakfast PizzaDough + EggPizza, EggUncommon
Everything PizzaDough + Spinip + TofuPizza, Veggie, HealthyRare
Quattro Fromaggio PizzaDough + Moon Cheese + Coral MilkPizza, Dreamy, Cheese, CreativeRare
Spinip Alfredo PizzaDough + Spinip + Coral MilkPizza, Dairy, Veggie, FancyLegendary
Ultimate Joke PizzaDough + Pineapple + TofuPizza, Tropical, JokeLegendary

Candy Cloud Machine

The Candy Cloud Machine is located in Cloud Island Plaza on Cloud Island. The Candy Cloud Machine will use Candy Cloud and one or two other ingredients to make Candy Clouds.

You’ll unlock the Candy Cloud Machine after completing the Sweets in the Stars quest at friendship level 2 with Lala. The Candy Cloud Machine upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 5 with Kiki.

Cotton CloudCandy Cloud + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Coral Milk, Egg, Sipnip, Tofu etc.)Cloud, DreamyUncommon
Cheese CloudCandy Cloud + Moon CheeseCloud, Dreamy, CheeseUncommon
Fall CloudCandy Cloud + PumpkinCloud, Dreamy, FallUncommon
Fruity CloudCandy Cloud + Banana
Candy Cloud + Apple
Candy Cloud + Starfruit
Cloud, Dreamy, FruitUncommon
Pink CloudCandy Cloud + Sakura
Candy Cloud + Strawberry
Cloud, Dreamy, PinkUncommon
Spiced CloudCandy Cloud + Magma Bloom
Candy Cloud + Cinna Bloom
Cloud, Dreamy, SpiceUncommon
Sweet CloudCandy Cloud + Swampmallow
Candy Cloud + Sugarkelp
Cloud, Dreamy, DessertUncommon
Tropical CloudCandy Cloud + PineappleCloud, Dreamy, TropicalUncommon
Toasted Marshmallow CloudCandy Cloud + Toasted Almond + SwampmallowCloud, Dreamy, Fire, DessertRare

Egg Pan Station

The Egg Pan Station is located at the Oasis in Gemstone Mountain, near the Rockadoodler Corral. The Egg Pan Station will use Eggs and one or two other ingredients to make egg-based dishes such as omeletes and crepes.

You’ll unlock the Egg Pan Station after completing the An Egg-cellent Pan quest. The Egg Pan Station upgrade which allows the use of two ingredients is unlocked with the completion of the Five Stars questm when you’ve taken 102 gudetama photos.

OmeletEgg + (any ingredient not used for a recipe e.g. Apple, Coral Milk, Banana, Strawberry etc.)Egg Pan, EggCommon
CrepeEgg + FlourEgg Pan, DessertUncommon
Fantasy OmeletEgg + Candy CloudEgg Pan, Egg, DreamyUncommon
Fluffy OmeletEgg + Moon CheeseEgg Pan, Egg, CheeseUncommon
Protein OmeletEgg + TofuEgg Pan, Egg, HealthyUncommon
Veggie OmeletEgg + Sipnip
Egg + Pumpkin
Egg Pan, Egg, VeggieUncommon
Cheese CrepeEgg + Flour + Moon CheeseEgg Pan, Healthy, CheeseRare
Chocolate CrepeEgg + Flour + Chocolate CoinEgg Pan, Dessert, ChocolateRare
Fruit CrepeEgg + Flour + Apple
Egg + Flour + Banana
Egg + Flour + Pineapple
Egg + Flour + Starfruit
Egg + Flour + Strawberry
Egg Pan, Dessert, FruitRare
Hearty OmeletEgg + Sipnip + Moon CheeseEgg Pan, Egg, Veggie, CheeseRare
Nutty CrepeEgg + Flour + Toasted AlmondEgg Pan, Healthy, FireRare
Spiced CrepeEgg + Flour + Cinna Bloom
Egg + Flour + Magma Bloom
Egg Pan, Dessert, SpiceRare
Sweet CrepeEgg + Flour + Candy Cloud
Egg + Flour + Sugarkelp
Egg + Flour + Swampmallow
Egg Pan, Dessert, SweetRare
Veggie CrepeEgg + Flour + Sipnip
Egg + Flour + Pumpkin
Egg Pan, Healthy, VeggieRare
Veggie Supreme OmeletEgg + Sipnip + PumpkinEgg Pan, Egg, Veggie, SwampyRare

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