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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Cinnamoroll Guide

“Cinnamoroll is a sweet pup who always wants to help his friends when needed. He is quite shy but very friendly, and amazingly he can fly through the air by floating with his huge ears. He’s so fast, he can pick up and deliver anything around the island in a blink of an eye (even you)!”



BirthdayMarch 6
LocationBig Adventures Park
OccupationRuns the Delivery Service
Like TagsChocolate, Spice, Cozy Beverage
Gift ReceivedCandy Clouds

Cinnamoroll Gifts

Spicy Pumpkin Latte
Molten Frappe
Chocolate Chai
7Candied Banana Coffee
Chai, Espresso, Hot Cocoa, Volcano Cake
6Spiced Cloud
5Spicy Pizza, Cinnamon Bread
1Chocolate Coin

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2FurnitureKawaii Mirror
3Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
4FurnitureKawaii Floor Lamp
5Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
6FurnitureKawaii Night Stand
7Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
8GiftStamina Apple Slice
9Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
10Friendship Level UpGood Friends
11RecipeHot Cocoa
12Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
13RecipePumpkin Spice Soda
14QuestSuspicious Sounds
15Friendship Level UpClose Friends
16RecipeBoulder Bits Ice Cream
17Avatar PaletteCinnamoroll Avatar Palette
18Companion AbilitySoar Ability Lvl 1
50% further float with balloons
19Companion AbilitySoar Ability Lvl 2
100% further float with balloons
20Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Cinnamoroll Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
14Suspicious Sounds“Investigate the source of the suspicious sounds.”

[Only unlocked after completing the Delivery Service Quest]
1. Talk to Hangyodon
2. Find the Mailbox Key located on the plane
3. Give the Propeller Hat to the Nul at the Resort Plaza
4. Get the Nul to transport you to the plane
5. The mailbox key will be located near the back of the plane

Daily Quests

Holiday Gift Cinnamoroll gave you a gift to deliver to anyone you choose!”Gift a Holiday Gift to any Island Resident
Chai Noon“I love delivering tasty little drinks to everybody, but sometimes I wish somebody would deliver one to me…”Give Chai
Sweet and Spicy“Every coffee you bring me has been so delicious! Thank you! Can I try a Cocoa Chai this time?”Give Chocolate Chai
Heartwarming Cocoa“I was wondering… could you please make me one of my favorite drinks in the whole world?”Give Hot Cocoa
Coffee Delivery“Oh, I hear you’re getting really good at using the Espresso Machine! Um… would you please get me a mocha?”Give Mocha
Sweetheart“I’ve always loved tasty little treats! That’s why I visited the Hello Kitty Cafe when I first landed. Can you please get me some?”Give an item with the  sweet tag
Cup of Cheer“I’ve always loved hot beverages! They remind me of our cafe back home. Can you please get me some?”Give an item with the  cozy beverage tag

Other Island Residents

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