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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Chococat Guide

“Chococat tends to be a little scatterbrained at times, but he has a curious mind and is always up on the latest news. He is a DIY genius and can help you craft tools and all sorts of trinkets. With you and Chococat on the case, there’s nothing you can’t solve together!” 



BirthdayMay 10
LocationSeaside Resort – Near the Resort Gate
OccupationRuns the Crafting Table
Like TagsChocolate, Device, Book
Gift ReceivedGizmos

Chococat Gifts

Interactive History of Chocolate
Ancient Inventions
5Chocolate Chai, Hot Coca,
Blank Book

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
2Crafting RecipeBlank Book
3FurnitureTropical Bench
4Crafting RecipeMechanism
5Companion AbilityMaster Crafter
30% chance of crafting an additional item
6Crafting RecipeAncient Inventions
7QuestReboot the Robots
8Friendship Level UpGood Friends
9GiftStamina Apple Slice
10Companion AbilityTour Guide
Chococat will give you hints in the Puzzle Rooms
11Avatar PaletteChococat Avatar Palette
12Friendship Level UpClose Friends
13Crafting RecipeComputer
14Avatar PaletteChococat Avatar Palette
15Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Chococat Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
1Power Up the Gate“Find a way to open the gate out of Seaside Resort.”

[Requires Friendship Lvl 2 with Badtz-maru, Tuxedosam and Pochacco]
1. Craft the Crystal Sensor (3x Stick, 3x Magnets)
2. Find 3x Yellow Power Crystals
2a. At Beginner’s Bridge
2b. At the Crystal Conundrum
2c. At the Cozy Islands
3. Power the bridge
7Reboot the Robots“Figure out how to power up the Dokidoki Yummychums Band!”

[Only unlocked in the morning after completing the Bring Back The Swing Quest]
1. Find all five Floppy Disks around Gemstone Mountain
2. Find the entrance to the hidden Master Control Room behind a boulder below the Icy Peak Entrance
3. Press the big red button

Daily Quests

Tropical Critter Census“Thanks for helping me study all the critters on the island. Could you check out Seaside Resort?”Catch any critter at  Seaside Resort
Volcanic Critter Census“Keroppi says the mightiest critters are found near Mount Hothead. Can you test that hypothesis?”Catch any critter at  Mount Hothead
Swampy Critter Census“I’ve been watching nature documentaries while I study critters. Please, go see what critters get up to in Spooky Swamp!”Catch any critter at  Spooky Swamp
Rocky Critter Census“I try and learn a new critter fact every day. I heard there’s some truly wild ones out near Gemstone Mountain!”Catch any critter at  Gemstone Mountain
Aquatic Critter Census“According to science, critters that live underwater are able to sustain high amounts of pressure.”Catch any critter at  Rainbow Reef
Island Report“Have you been practising photography? I love taking pictures of my friends enjoying themselves.”Take a photo of anyone in  Seaside Resort
Hiking Pictures“I love hiking with Keroppi around the island — he tells me facts about critters while I tell him facts about history. Could you please take his picture?”Take a photo of  Keroppi
Biology Class‘Every time I catch another creature, I feel like I learn a little more about the world around us! Amazing, right?”Catch any critter
Decluttering“It’s important to maintain a good inventory, in case you want to do some crafting.”Collect 10 items
Stay Crafty“In order to stay in good condition, the crafting bench must be used regularly. Try making an item!”Craft any item
Making Memories“Cameras are remarkable tools! I can’t wait to look at pictures of my friends in a few years.”Take a  photo with anyone

Other Island Residents

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